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Misconduct podcast with Don the Greco and welcome to the Friday edition of game. It's conduct. I am Dom the Greco and wanted to kind of rest up for a big Friday show. We got the top five coming up in just a little bit. We'll have your tweets thirteen games to go over last night. And some of them are pretty significant. Let's give give some love to the islanders. They beat the penguins again. Three to Bailey gets a golden regulation and get the game winner in the shootout second time that the Allders to beaten Pittsburgh, two zero against Pitt. And how about this the Allders five in the division? So kind of an interesting little thing happening with the islanders here on going to get a chance to see them live coming up on the fifteenth when the Rangers play them out in Brooklyn matter of fact, the Rangers will play the islanders twice a week. So get a chance to really see what's going on here. Of course, Greig's has been very very good Bailey. Abberley Li all having decent starts to the season here as the islanders are starting to get going here in Pittsburgh, listen, Pittsburgh, Penguins are still the team to beat in the division as far as I'm concerned. But you do see moments when this team can be susceptible and specially teams to bring a lot of speed in the islanders can do that. So something to keep an eye on islanders. Need these games? Desperately as a want to try to make the playoffs after what happened last year in the loss of John's Veras so anytime they can get a win against Pittsburgh. It's pretty big. And it was nice to get that three to win in the shootout. Devils went a disappointing four three loss into trying to the Redwings. So the devils of kind of settled down here after that four no start. And of course, this road trip has been a bad one got beaten by Tampa eight to three now four three loss against the struggling Red Wings team. Larkin had a couple of cysts in the game. The interesting thing about the devils. Cory Snyder comes back from the hip injury played and lost. So it's an interesting competition between Kincaid and Schneider on who is going to be the starting goaltender gotta win games. Now Cade came off a brutal loss to Tampa. And certainly the doubles were competitive in this one although losing to a team that they at least seem on the surface to be clearly. Better than so we'll see how this goes from here. Cory Snyder is a guy that is battling to keep his job through injuries in an effective play. So you don't want to judge them on one game, especially his first game back. But a loss is Detroit wins by the final score of four to three. What an interesting win for Montreal over Washington Washington has yet to put back to back wins together. So far this year. They got a couple of goals. Ovechkin who's been great. They played seven games. And he's got ten goals. But Montreal was trailing in this one was a back and forth. Montreal blue three one lead. Washington came back with three unanswered goals to take a four three looked like it was going to stand up then with three oh four to go. Cotton Yemi gets a goal. He's a really good young rookie for Montreal. And I think that's the difference. Right. When you're analyzing the Canadians why they've been so good while that's a player that you really weren't thinking was going to be a major contributor, and he's been and then Domi scores with twenty seconds left to break the four four tie armehe who they picked up from the Winnipeg Jets gets the empty netter off of the center ice draw to..

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