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Really enjoy Major but those are very below the other thing that I think you said it before it was a great challenge if what do we do just encourage the flow. Because he's back into a bag had wayne courage really good men and women we have. We have quite a few of them in Australia but we need to pay a hand up for the most notable of all public service positions is of Representatives. So the cried but someone believe me if we get this right as cynicism will become a self fulfilling prophecy him we is leading well. The is a two way process. The fast is the demands people to step forward themselves and the second is the imams the public to have if an attitude towards B. We agree the game a cash to the mountains and say and then pummel them or take one example the gaff in the gaff which people are found to be guilty of very often again Is saying something true which are not meant to said? Well how about? We just haven't agreement that when somebody says something true they are not be punished for it. That's a good place to start and the press and the public that in our hands you know. It's in our hands not look at another one. The U-TURN we've all seen this in recent days have been Thad self-appointed virologists who were previously just tax. You know who who say. Oh My Gosh. The government is you turn. When did the youth come in this? I if I can tell you Dr Village for an straight into a wall I stop and I do a u-turn. It's it's not it's again. It's not morally always determined move. It's perfectly reasonable maneuver. In the face of certain circumstances. It isn't government has so-called U-TURN. It isn't sign of imbecilities necessarily might be very wise. It might say these games as a played in the letter imposed on it. How about we you know. I have confidence in the British government. I have confidence in Australian government and I have. I have confidence that if they change their mind on something in a difficult area in unprecedentedly complex situation you know it isn't because eighth Turned or shown themselves to be in some way malign but simply that they're trying to do their best in a horrible situation and that we should have a degree of tolerance and say it is just the reciprocal thing between online and the politics On the wider issue. I think flip dedicated a time like this. This is this is a deep moment drawers reset at the very beginning on our reserves. I I think Something that Strand said his students Chicago I think it was on the death of Winston Churchill when the announcement came of the death Winston Churchill and I actually just pulled out the reference. I go to in front of me. He's Strauss said on the occasion of Churchill's death. He said he said we have no higher duty. And no more pressing duty Lynch remind ourselves and our students of political greatness of human greatness of the peaks of human excellence that we have the moment in our self isolation an opportunity to demoralize ourselves own opportunity to among other things re moralize ourselves. We have the opportunity to wallow in self pity all to dig deeper and to do better and You know I think that all of our countries have deep wells that we can draw upon Australia has an exception leagues extraordinarily deep. Well of people thinkers an incredibly rich tradition which it can drawer on a tradition in literature and art and much more. Maybe we could use these days meaningfully by reengaging with that. You know we've just been talking about Roger Scrutiny but another friend of mine who died since we last spoke a less New Pretty well. Taking in recent years with Clive. James and I adored clive and My life alone. A feast a library books and the mortgage and deep thinking as well as he's perhaps better known for which is his incomparable. Huma and ability to make life happier You know this is another great great person. Great figure and you know you can have a wail of time as well as a very very significant time in the coming days if you just reached the shelf and got some of. Clive's books off you know and then so many others around clean coal so I suppose what I think is less. Let's uses time. Well Andrew Drool well upon it. Well thank you very much for that. Because in Census. Sasha wanted to talk to you tonight we to use opportunity. The circumstances are provided with might be to do some hard thinking because they'll be be decisions to be night at the end of we're GONNA rock paper. Latest strove sincerely hope you do get to a strategy in an autism future sincerely plenty of people get the heat what you got the site including particularly those people have to lead us. Four out of the Car Malaya's an enormous pleasure inversely and to you John Take. Yeah you've been listening to John. Anderson Direct for further content visit John Anderson Dot net dot a U..

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