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The capital macarthur stronger guncontrol pouring out of the now more than one hundred stone douglas dillon i'm here to demand change from our government some marching to meetings with lawmakers holding find others branding messages on their arms the crowd demanding to hear from lawmakers who have spoken out against her turn forcing i wanted to see those people are not here for a fight i'm not here to argue with i just want to speak i just wanted to see your place unknown the survivors warning the legislators that nothing is going to stop them after the party school should have got a chance to speak with florida lawmakers in a televised town hall last night republican senator marco rubio among those questions traditionally have not supported re looking at magazine clip size and after this in some of the details i've learned about it i'm reconsidering that position now rubio's shouted down several times by the crowd including when he suggested and assault weapons ban would not have prevented the tragedy saying those who are committed to violence will find a way around the laws back home the search is on for a gunman who opened fire on a driver in philadelphia killing her kyw mementos joining us live from police headquarters with that story tim yes brandon police looking for answers this morning trying to find a shooter or shooters is there around eight thirty last night at brought in grange in the fern rock section of the city chief inspector scott small says at least five shots blasted driver's side of a van going north on broad after the gunshots were fired it appears that the driver lost control and small says the van crashed into a building on old york road police say the 23yearold woman who was driving was shot and she died there were five passengers two women and three kids between two and six years old small says they weren't shot but her from the crash all or stable in the hospital as for where the shots came from or getting information that possibly shots were fired into the van by the occupants of a doctor collar vehicle and out police are looking for surveillance cameras from the area reporting live from police headquarters tim jimenez kyw news radio kyw news time eight thirty eight.

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