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Third World countries. In other words do have the ability to make vaccines. They make their own measles vaccines that make their own polio vaccine. It. This is not a capability that they lack. It's not like we need to to send boatloads of vaccine manufactured the United States to these countries, they can make them themselves. What's blocking them is basically that these big companies have patented these vaccines and are saying you can't have it. Better, right? Exactly. Okay, exactly. So what you call the trips waiver that's shorthand for the WTO's agreement on trade related intellectual property trip. Is waving those rules that right now make every country in the world. Give these monopoly control rights to those handful of companies that are being greedy and won't basically even allow other companies troops phase out. To make more doses. So, um, right now, you've got just coming up on the United Nations Global Assembly, the summit of all the world's leaders the year after that idea, got half And there's no progress. A handful of countries are blocking it. Biden administration did the right thing in May reverse the Trump administration's opposition to letting more vaccines be made. But since then, the Biden administration really isn't stepped up to make it happen. And Germany and nickel literally wanted to other countries are blocking 150. Countries that want this waiver defined. Administration has not used the authority hat has territory so I don't like make Moderna Share those recipes because the U. S government paid for the research where one of the holders of some of that patent and then the third thing is they haven't really stepped up and put up the money to do what you just said. Which is to have a global production. You know, we're not going to fix this by sharing existing slices of pie. We need to build more pie factory and we have the capacity to do it, which just not there. And so there's big you and meeting with all the world leaders. This is the moment where Husband fighting just have to deliver. This is next week, right? The summit is next week. Not only will Germany the blocker be there, but also all the world's leaders will be there. And President Biden has called for special Covid summit. But Tom Yesterday. The list of things are trying to achieve at that global summit start to circulate around Washington. And it's really embarrassing. It's just like a conference to talk about donating existing doses. It's like hello. We know that's not going to work we've seen for here that is not working. 2% of population in Africa in Asia and Latin America have been vaccines We need to make more is a damn crisis and it's in our interest directly. It's not just The ethically morally right thing to do. It is in our interest. And yet it's very modest. Twiki proposal seems to be what divided ministrations have in mind, which is to say we all need To raise the heat, raise the pressure to get Joe Biden to follow through what he said. He said the right thing. Tommy did the right thing. And they he was totally brave. In the face of pharma hysteria. We're putting saving lives first. And now we have to help them deliver. Yeah, And and so how do we do that Boring. So I would love everyone to join in an application that's going to the White House. That is that trade watch dot org www trade watched outdoor when you land on that website up in the left hand corner, basically has get involved in Global vaccinations. Click on that You go right to whether actions it's very easy to do and you can pass it on to friends. That's number one. Number two. A lot of members of Congress are very exercised about the fact that the administration has not made a global covid plan. So if you have any kind of relationship with your house member or your senator, please weigh in with them. The White House really cares what these members of Congress thinking is starting to pile on the White House saying, Hey, where's the plan that will help your petition and your members of Congress? It can make a real difference. That's a trade watch dot org. Right? So, Laurie, you we've talked to me before you and I about how Angela Merkel has been the kind of the roadblock here at least the largest roadblock. Um to to this, and let's be clear these trips waivers would not reduce it would not eliminate or even reduce the problem Profitability the companies that are currently making these vaccines The third world countries that they would continue essentially to license the vaccine technology from them. They just wouldn't pay them the high prices that they would pay them a much lower price so it would expand the profitability is companies they would be getting money for doing absolutely nothing. Um, yeah, So it's not like, you know, we're trying to play. You know, Bolshevik revolution here, you know, just to be clear. Do I have that right? First of all before I go into my question. You haven't Sparta. Okay, So the question um, I I've been reading particularly the financial times. They're following the German elections very carefully, very closely, because Angela Merkel is on our way out. And her chosen guy to be the Christian Democrats. The biggest part of the You know, the party that she represents and has won four out of the last five elections is kind of faltering. Um, hi. How does German domestic politics play into this or do they not? While you're right on with that question, because this is the moment. This is why President Biden stepping up now at the U. N Global summit, when all the other heads of state will be there is so important. Because with Angela Merkel leaving and she's been a passionate opponent of this waiver is an opportunity. Nobody knows who the next head of Germany is going to be. And what political party the greens who are doing quite well support the waiver at the WTO's support technology transfer See the situation for what it is, which is a global crisis of humanity that we have to unite together to conquer the Socialists, who are also doing pretty well. The Democratic socialist Those guys are little split. Some of the party thinks there should be a waiver. Some of them are not for the waiver. But there's an opening there and then as you said Angela Merkel's party, the Christian Democrats, They're all about Big pharma and keeping the monopoly. So if the German election results as people expect, as you just sat In Merkel's party, not running the show anymore. That's an enormous opening, but in order to translate that and just shot in the arm, we need President Biden right now next week, when he's with all of his other heads of state bodies. To basically lay down the law, which is to say, just to be brave. It's not that yet to persuade them. They all agree how even the president of France as far as Europe's position is on the right side of it. It's just a question of being the brave moral leader of getting up a head of steam cutting the wake, so everyone else can follow and.

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