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With two locations at at and t park then brandon belt against richard left handed hitter and he walked now the giants had the basic loaded one run in and austin jackson was the hitter one strike offering swing like right down the line and that should be excavations rolling quickly into the corner near the foul pole scoring longoria here comes hundley right behind him belt to third and he'll put the brakes on there are two run double this time for austin jackson and now it is a three nothing giants leaving austin jackson who had only three rb is this year until he had that three run doubled against the dodgers over the weekend now has nine rbi's and he is swinging the hot bat he had a big day he was on base four times in this game the padres came back and got two runs of their own in the third inning started with a walker caesar and caesar then went to third later in the evening on a hit by margo just a little infield hit putting runners at first and third down keeping the ending going for eric hosmer who has been red hot to one pitch to house where he swings it's a high drive right field mccutchen is back on the warning track up against the wall jumps up and it's over his head and it bounces off the bricks and starts back toward the infield into score caesar over from around hill store rather margot hill score hosmer trying for third and the relay is there tied longoria tags out hosmer house moore who i don't think was running particularly hard at the beginning still tried to make it the third base and longoria tag watching the replay got him in time he is outnumbered three but the padres score two on the long down and and great heads up anticipation of that play by kelvin tomlinson who raced out into right field just in case the ball hit those bricks where the the wall angles inward from the three sixty five marker and sure enough that's what it did and he was already way out there to play that carrim and hit crawford with the real and crawford wheeled and made a perfect throw to third just sensational execution there to get harder against all odds at third base so it was three to two and then the last of the third the.

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