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Right now, you get in. You don't take anything for? Granted at home or anything else. You got a bear down. And that's a good football team. So we we've got a. Definitely we do. Learn from it make ourselves better football team. Yeah. That tough loss their game of the week. What is what is the golden road game of the week? Here are good friends with golden road brewing game of the week this weekend is what mclovin I think? I let you decide between these ones about the Cowboys visiting the colts Colt playoff hopes online. Maybe a dangerous team. Yes. Cowboys could win the division sneaky good the other options. Patriots steelers. Patriots Steelers Packers. Vikings Packers pair Packers bear. That's don't you find that interest in. I know the Packers are alive and let the dick foles narrative if something happened with the eagles witting that would be you don't seem to copy. Well, I I'm not it's not must see TV for me. It's put it that way. I would almost be more funny than they've Nick foles did it again. But I think the Cowboys Cl the colts. That's gotta be our game because it's an Indian. Napa lous. Yes. Because then the following week. Who do the Cowboys play? They got the giants in their last game of the or. Eagles. Again, our way. I'm not sure they got I thought they had the giants again. I don't know check that with the Cowboys. I'm always curious like the game you have. And then is there a bigger game the following week? Right. The giants and the season they'll in nears next week. Okay. But they can we are in a good spot. They let's say they they'll probably make and Seattle's got the forty Niners. Right. And then Kansas City comes to Tom right now. But going no action how man- how good will that be those those two quarterbacks that kinda showdown, by way of everything that's been said this week, Bobby Wagner sticking up for the uniforms also garnered a lot of attendant or oh my gosh. People were like you're defending that uniform. Well, he's a great defender. So he was trying. He didn't do a good job. He wasn't an all pro defender with those Seattle highlighter uniforms. You do have bowl games coming up. Don't we have a game tonight? Paulie? Yeah. North north coast, South Dakota state in the final four of the one delay slash FCF's. Layoffs the Jack rabbit against the bison bison. And then you've got some bowl games. I got let me see apps state. I think it's middle Tennessee State university in New Orleans. I have eastern Michigan Georgia Southern Arizona state, Fresno state to lane at six and six against Louisiana seven and six that's not good North Texas against Utah state now that one could be good that one's Saturday afternoon. I think so I might be tuned into that. There's a lot of good football coming up this weekend. We know a thing or two about beer, and we couldn't be happier to be affiliated partnering with golden road brewing. Dan, Patrick show. Our official beer founded back in twenty eleven LA's largest craft brewery that that's the goal. We wanna make them bigger than that finest quality craft beer available mango cart. We're serving the wolf pup session..

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