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The daily is brought to you by td ameritrade when it comes to investing each of us does it our own unique way some of us wanna go it alone others might prefer some guidance regardless of your style td ameritrade is always creating new solutions to help you from their ward winning technology to personalise guidance they have everything you need to invest on your terms visit td ameritrade dot com slash the daily to learn more and get started today so in this time line i six over mozell in june they declared a caliphate from there in july and then what i there was this kind of medina very soon within the first week of their arrival if he's like back or city terms because they began positioning people in traffic circles and they were handing out a pamphlet or flyer to people through the windows of their cars i on loudspeakers and then it was on flyers were news and the pamphlet was something called the charter of the city this is what we have we we abided by and it laid out in a constitution like form both the new rules under which the population would now be governed and you're saying that we are coming here in peace we want you to be equal are to handle their weapons and to to say that repentance their promise to the people their promise was you have lived under these infidel regimes you have seen what a disaster it's been now you're going to see a huge difference with the islamic state corruption is not going to be allowed there are now going to live in a virtuous society and that they are going to see the fruits of that virtue as a result of their citizenship in this caliphate.

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