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Yeah i obviously yellow faces another example of there and i the big the big like this cringe worthy example i mean at least cringe worthy is a breakfast at tiffany's wonderful film except you have this this horrible character played by mickey rooney mickey rooney playing of of of the chineseamerican in the most stereo typical way possible yet uh does blatantly offensive to to to to to modern viewers of the film and and some contemporary viewers of the film as well as you look back at its at some of the reviews but again there's this there's not an attempt to really understand this person or to embody this character as anything other than a mockery another one that i had forgotten about from our uh childhood adolescence twin peaks i completely forgotten about this uh there's a character who does yellow face in that a threeiron at one point a pretends to have dot spoilers for the but i haven't i haven't seen it yet he never seen the original takes a while okay i won't go too far with it but as long as you don't spoil whodunnit armor others on oab gather will go there but there is a character who dresses up like a chinese man uh and it's super offensive and when you watch it now you realize like of this was david lynch making a commentary on americans in racism right it wasn't like david lynch was being racist but it is.

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