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And here is our top story. The target store near Ray in forty eighth street has been evacuated this afternoon. After a person allegedly was pouring a substance on items inside the store the Phoenix fire departments trying to find out. What that substance is employees had said that it could be vinegar and hydrogen peroxide valley, interfaith groups will gather tonight to remember those murdered at a Pittsburgh synagogue last Sunday. KTAR Mark Carlson tells us about a candlelight vigil there in Scottsdale only hours after President Trump first lady, Melania, Trump and other family members visited a Pittsburgh synagogue where a gunman opened fire last Saturday. A candlelight vigil is planned this evening and Scottsdale to honor the victims the Jewish in greater Phoenix community is holding the interface vigil beginning at six thirty this evening at the LeVine Jewish community campus at Scottsdale road and Sweetwater negates to the event open at six thirty pm Mark Carlson. KTAR news KTAR is on immigration. President Trump says he's thinking about using an executive order to 'em citizenship rights for babies born in the US to non-citizens can't he actually do. This short answer is no the president can't simply change the constitution through an executive order, Kathy. Brodie with the ACLU of Arizona says birthright citizenship is protected in the fourteenth amendment of the US constitution to make such a change. The president would have to get congress to approve a constitutional amendment or get approval by two-thirds of state legislatures. Time to check on traffic. Now, let's go to Larry Lewis in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center..

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