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Official, Clinton, Donald Trump discussed on Katie Couric



Hi brian hi katie so what are you've remember from election night two thousand sixteen you and i were there to gather covering at moliro both working at who you are in the studio in times square right and everybody went into that night with the expectation the hillary was going to win the only question was what was her margin of victory how many republican states wishing in a carry and it quickly became sort of the bataan death march as florida foul then north carolina virginia she eat by despite the fact that her vice presidential running mate with tim kaine senator from virginia i started wondering about the outcome when that happened and then she started showing weakness in states that had been won by democrats for a generation states like michigan wisconsin and pennsylvania was it wisconsin before michigan carr's wasn't michigan really ladyghin was really like ice whisker right i remember it was around ten o'clock i believe when wisconsin was called for donald trump i wrote a note to jamal semons a longtime hanikra right and i said how bad is this and he wrote me back i put it on my legal pad really bad and he looked honestly sweaty he did soast staunton i think everybody was kind of thinking wait seriously what is going on here i'll never forget that one moment when a donald trump presidency became a reality when i remembered the clinton official i was texting with who earlier in the evening had said yeah we can afford to lose florida we can afford to lose north carolina he wasn't arguing that they could afford to lose wisconsin or pennsylvania they just always assume that those states were in the bag and as it turns out they were not here we are nearly one year since that election night.

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