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.org. Traffic and weather on the 8th. We go to Mary De Pompa and the WTOP Traffic Center. Alrighty, thanks Luke. We'll go straight into Virginia. Got a new one. Now heads up if you're leaving the district via I -66 heading westbound and near the Roslyn exit number 73. That's the first report of a crash. Can't see anything initially in the camera remember but heads up as you come out of the Roslyn Tunnel going westbound toward the Beltway. A new crash may have equipment on scene. They were mentioning another issue on 66 near the ramp for 110 so so could be all one in the same 110 to go west on 66. Again, first report they're looking this for crash. You would find anything at speed if you're in Virginia in fact 95 395 95 from the 14th street bridge all the way into Fredericksburg. You're moving pretty well. Easy Pass Express will point in the southbound direction. Checking onto the Beltway in all directions and that's both Virginia in and in Maryland. So far so good. Nothing major reported. A few disabled vehicles sprinkled around. I keep following them but nothing is landing in your travel lanes so that's a good deal. 270 rides well 95 Maryland in Beltway to Beltway okay. The police activity excuse me was north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. It is near 175. You should have police on scene. You'll see flashing lights but you should have your travel lanes open. Harpers Ferry 340 will be closed and essentially between Harpers Ferry Road North Washington. This is the first weekend for this closure and that's a active place on the weekend so be prepared 81 to 70 all remaining open. The US Small Business Administration can help you start manage and grow your small business. Learn how at sba .gov start married to Pompa WTOP traffic. 2 -7 news first alert meteorologist Jordan Evans. Some nice weather we've had for the last two days that continues once again. For this afternoon sunshine low

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