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E. N. B. R. it's a six one lead for the Dodgers as we head to the bottom of the fourth inning Marshall this sow speed is the new picture for Los Angeles we do have a couple of other changes the the John is doing his due diligence on it'll be Evan Longoria only things up by what he got John it's bill Russell now short okay Davey Lopes at second and no actually I I did I did look it up it's money now it's short Jacob Amaya and Omar S. Davis at second so Meyer gets the ground ball off the bat Longoria just like that he throws him out also that injures out and G. J. Peters has run and play center field first things Los I'm fine I got a mind of what was the second one a status and second base status three seventy one so here's belt in the pitch of belt gets off GM shot pop up to the third baseman ET who makes the catch let's not one that bill will want to remember man you got crowded on that one yeah my broadcast partner my group we say well tough break with level the left well that makes it look even worse because it is kind of blowing out with and it's a strong wind so here's buster Posey who takes high so I'm still reading down the status is and then Peters in center one oh to buster swinging the ball straight back it's a good swings do you like to see other buster Posey and we didn't see that many swings like that last year but that time you came out of his shoes so he stands in with the kind of one ball and one strike the right hander for the Dodgers throws in there's a big high curveball it started out high and then it fell into the strike zone for a strike it's wanted to pitch was at seventy four miles per hour here's the one to to buster Posey the last fall of the swing in a fall back at ninety four so there's pretty good differences the seventy four mile hour curveball in a ninety four mile an hour fastball this guy not only has a good life fastball in that could slow curve ball he throws great over the top right over the top which is a little bit unusual like the old pitching machine old iron Mike the pitch we gonna miss on a high fastball and that's going to end the inning after four six one Dodgers on the can't be our northern California Hyundai dealership radio network it's game but you fourth graders would rather watch cartoons thanks for the Honda CRV has apple CarPlay and disappears down Casey playing moms pump up jams whatever happens on the court coach you just got to win on the road excellence in sport dealers to see RVS or the California or nor cal Honda dealers dot com the in one of it's been reported that over sixty percent of.

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