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And weather first on the fives now from the lafontaine buick gmc of ann arbor weather center genuine a role with a beautiful weather as we head on through the afternoon a mix of clouds and sunshine 84 that i had a passing shower thunderstorm late 64 early a role in the car for tomorrow front coming through scattered showers thunder storms 83 from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on newstalk seven six the wjr and currently we have eighty two degrees partly cloudy skies i'm marie osborne wjr news this is the guy go ahead on news talk seven sixty fell you jr ir they were like they heard it and frankly for people who were worst thing that david was it maybe it wasn't suffered a they've been doing this our country for a long time for many years and it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country as for the people of other countries and when asked what could be tougher than promising fire in furor fury uh the president refused to answer would just said well wait and see as for strategy he's not sharing either he insists that he's on the same page with his diplomatic and military advisers and insists that a mirror winds are safe tonight in should sleep safely uh that's the latest for the president will get to more on that in the bottom of the hour we talked to an expert on missile defense and whether or not this is a true shield once and if north korea does get that kind of capability but in the meantime a story about a couple in upper michigan the up for peninsula benazzi knock and uh bill and joe johnson or the state came to them and they said look would you become foster parents to your grandson the stated take it away custodial lynn.

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