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And he was just he was just always a different kind, he was just better. Yeah, yeah, he was very much still is. Special just to have any part of it. Talking with trainer Kevin McCarthy here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton in advance of this year's Preakness stakes if you're just tuning into the show. Kevin will saddle long shot fenwick coming up on Saturday afternoon and hoping to continue the theme of long shots winning Triple Crown races here in 2022. You don't have to worry about the Derby winner, but boy, that's a pretty loaded field, Kevin. I know, I think it is, I mean, there's some in there you're going to have to outrun without a doubt. I don't think it's an easy spot. I'm not necessarily going because it's easy. But I think it kind of opened up a hair, you know, to where it was worth taking the shot and giving him another. I just want him to run his race that they feed him they feed him. Okay, that's great. But I want him to have a fair, you know, a fair shake at it. He deserves it and I think, you know, I don't lead him over there to just embarrass myself and that's not my plan, you know? And if it happens, you know what? We'll drop back in front and find another spot, you know? But I think right now, yeah, there are some horses in there that stuff, but hey, at one point, it ain't even bad to run third in the freak nation. It won't look bad. It's on the poster of the ever a stallion. So I mean, but I do think he belongs in there. I think if he gets if he gets his race, they're going to have to deal with it. Well, and you have some remarkable similarities. Your story is very similar in some ways to Eric Reid, who lost horses in a barn fire lost his young grandson in an automobile accident. He lost two of his best friends. His assistant trainers that worked with him who died suddenly. And you had a situation in 2019 where you lost your brother. JB, who we talked about earlier, he died suddenly of a heart attack. Your dad passed away earlier this year. You told me in that interview that we aired on equine forum that the decisions that you're making now, you always think, what would JB, what would he have wanted to do? And I can only imagine that boy, they're going to be smiling down on you and fenwick on Saturday, my friend. I think smiling, hopefully not laughing, but hopefully smiling. But I know my dad would be like, what are you doing? What is this crazy guy doing? You know, I mean, I think they have to smile. I mean, hopefully don't reach down and catch us, you know? Yeah, yeah, well, I'm sure they're very, very proud of everything you've been able to accomplish, you know, certainly when they were here on earth and now looking down at you too. I know it's going to be a special day for you. How many friends and family members will be at the pregnancy with you? Well, unfortunately, all it's ammonium thinks I'm going to take them over there, but. They're a little tight on tickets over there. So I think that it's just going to be close family and the people that are here with me right now and you know it's kind of really for the guys that own the horse. I can't be I can take over as many as I can and I'd love to take all these people. I love them all, but they're tight over there on them tickets. Yeah, yeah. You mentioned the timonium and I talked about that at the beginning of our conversation here today too. It doesn't stop. You're going to go to the Preakness saddle fenwick and then after that you have to go right back over to work at the sale because you're going to be selling horses there. How many horses will you be selling, Kevin? I have four. I have four over here, so I'm not overran and I got lucky today. My worst shipped in today got off the van this morning at 6 a.m. and I was lucky. I didn't have anything to freeze today. So it kind of worked out well. And I raised one yesterday and I got three breeze in tomorrow. So we're going to get up early and we're going to go over and get him. Get him pruned around the track and let him look at all the crazy tents and things going on over there. And then I'll be right back here pretty sure. Kevin, let's go win the middle jewel of the Triple Crown, my friend. That'd.

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