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Warning meeting make things only either ignore neonazis or beat the heck out of them i guess you can make him again here looks as though jeff sessions is live talking about his address i concerning free speech on college campuses so he thinks that they of course at any rate this is hillary should though i am course back on wpro end and boss narrowed radio here would jacqueline cashman and we did one i talk about this jeff sessions georgetown law address and doubtless listen in and hear what he has to say i think we've all sort of noticed that suddenly conservative speakers on college campuses have not been really allowed will universities across the united states hostile administrators and violent protestors had made it difficult sometimes impossible for dissident students those who disagree with prevailing themes to say what they think in public it's annoying the question is is also illegal on public campuses while today tony geno jeff sessions announced a plan to intervene the search for joining us psychic so what is the problem you're speaking to address with us in this show too much suppression of free opens for each on college campuses to the particular conservatives a silos in many ways controversial speakers are being blocked all of the veto by the edgar through threatens through a protest and disrupt the speech so the college may withdrawal the speakers invitation so they won't be a disturbance these got a things really threaten follow the entire educational system the integrity of it we have a heritage of free speech caserta constitution this deeply embedded in our whole approach to life and we need pushback and so we're going to push back some of these actions can be a violation of civil rights first amendment rights in this country speak and sometimes those rights can be impacted the department of justice will take what steps we can to make sure that all these zones all these colleges don't create limiting zones for all free speech i can think of a many patients with the government has moved in to curtail free speech rights under the woodrow wilson nistration for example people were sent to prison fulfull just in the war whatever can you think of other examples of the justice department moving in to ensure free speech rights well i'm not able to remember that dr karadzic stole remember any situation which the we've gone.

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