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Off relationship didn't work out. Hills season one trivia, and it really did say pair. I thought that was Jordan here. Jordan favorite fruit is pairs. What did I know idea Pearl Pearl Airways? I got the L. I don't know if I'm getting Pearl. I think you got a Pearl earrings. I recall, I definitely remember earings. Berlin. No, we're gonna call. Confuse on. I saw Roger getting that. Like, oh, thanks. I know. Easy. But can you guys name? Well, it's there's a lot of answers. I guess this one goes named Brody jenner's, former three step sisters and two half sisters, and they're all just huge aims now. So it's like, it's pretty Kim. Khloe courtney. Yup. Kylie and KENDALL. Yeah. What about can you guys name the show that Brody and Spencer did on FOX on FOX differences of Malibu and Malibu? So what was that show 'cause I didn't want no idea I actually saw and it was about them living in Malibu. I think they lived with his dad. Dad what you mean? I'm saying the Brody. Okay. What about let's see did Adrina data musician. And if so which musician did she date? Yes. Because they came into my comedy show. Chris, right. Was no lip synching back there. A huge group, isn't it? The guy plays the jokers Jerry Leto, thirty to Mars, thirty seconds of Mars her brother. No, they dated for sure. Yeah. I think his name was Bobby. Are you thinking of just a mob? No, no, no, no. It's right. Yes. Good. Speaking of musicians, and there, Shannon Leto. That was during the Shannon Leto ever on our seas. The comedy, the Shannon Leto is Jared Leto, brother. But the drummer for thirty second the Mars or he was interesting. I don't know how to brother she just likes to musicians. I guess it's gotta be annoying for him. Right. Aren't you? Jerry Leto whole life. Yes. Yes. Joan. Okay. While we're on the topic of musicians true or false lady. Gaga was once on the hills true. That was pretty gonna lead you into the answer. And that we wouldn't ask you. It was. On the hill. That's a great question. I don't have any further. So now, if I ever meet her I'm gonna but hey. Season was later Doug on doing investigate that right now. While they tell us all about the products, currently working washy she lady Gaga at the time. I think she was lady Gaga. Okay. She was like she was lady Gaga, and she was like wearing all her like crazy sunglasses. You had a trunk full of sunglasses as she brought to the show and her zipper broke. And I think I don't know fixed thousand eight and yes was lady Gaga. Plug which organised you said you have a movie coming out. It's called be like trees, a love letter to art and artists and kind of follows us story revolves around myself and all my friends, including Jordan co-director couldn't be here today is name is Chris Livingston. He's a talented singer songwriter. And really the film is giving you a behind the scenes look of what it's like to be living in.

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