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The first pitch. But hey before we get to that. Here's forty five minutes talking about. Your kids is looking good. It didn't use to teramo. Used to look really bad and now it's looking full and puffy and and What what what are you doing differently. I feel like my hair was getting a little bit thin. But there's something you can do about that now again. We live in the future. It's an age of wonders. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah well. I mean not. All of us have the opportunity to be on national television. I don't know all of the kerfuffle and hullabaloo have you thought maybe that your hair was playing a role. I do actually seen from behind a lot on the chase which made me think about whether or not i was getting a bald spot up there. But there's no there's no shame if you do. Two out of three guys are going to experience male pattern baldness like in their early thirties. Right you know and then it just it just the numbers tick up from there So while you still have hair left it's it's really hard to get it back but while you got left you can. You can slow that. Roll slow the role and even in some cases reverse hair loss versus the role. I getting fda approved medicaments. But where do you get them. You go to the drugstore and stand. They're just holding up different medicaments and trying to figure out what is worse than that. Some even require a prescription. So i recommend keeps. You don't have to go to your doctor's office to get a prescription or consult on which remedy is right for you. Yeah with keeps you do that. Doctor's visit online and the medication gets delivered straight to your home. That sounds a lot better. No drugstore lines known doctors visits. it's It's the right way to do it. Is there any other hair loss. Purveyor that has more. Five-star reviews keeps there several. No i not law. Let me take has more five-star reviews than any of its competitors. More than one hundred thousand satisfied clients You know they pass those savings along to you. Is it expensive now. The treatment started just ten dollars a month. And let's off. Should we offer our listeners. A little something here you know. I'm feeling generous to our listeners. Why don't we give them. Let's say your first month free. That's a pretty.

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