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Allen Hynek he did end up being a hero Disney yeah. curious about Jay on and I was privileged one night in the seventies to spend an entire evening with him and regale him about a couple of investigation the S. one gas right yeah. yes he was called to the scene when Michigan in nineteen sixty five had a couple of nights of wild stories from south east and south Michigan around a couple of small towns dexter Michigan wasn't Exter was the first one and then Hillsdale at Hillsdale college younger as well as a couple of university administrators they had eighty seven girls from the dorm at hills fail to see these lights over IT us want it was March. and so hi Nick was called in when the us was making headlines all over the papers and after two days he said of chaotic interviews he coined the unfortunate term swamp gas now I am told them that he was told to say that did you ever hear that story no I did not hear him order to say he he apparently went head to take a phone call they said the you know doctor our neck they're calling you from Washington he took a call in a room came back looked ticked off. and then announced to the media that it was swamp gas yeah. I wouldn't be the first in line to say that hi Nick was no true believer he will was to the very end the hard nosed scientist but he did go from being a defunct her in the early fifties when he joined the airforce is because to finally as you know in nineteen seventy three formed his own group the center for UFO studies which bears his name today and it was that case of Lonnie Zamora the police officer in Sir coral New Mexico that helped change his mind. yeah so more was chasing this either when he saw a flash of both blue and orange flames in the sky or off the road and so he just drove his cruiser over the the desert terrain until he came upon this egg shaped object resting on the ground with a couple of little quite suited gray's outside the vehicle when they spotted him they raced back in and with the rumbling roaring sound it took off again but yet left both depressions and scorch marks and he brought in his police superiors to verified what had happened there I don't think that this was a great moment in mysteries of Morris wife he's been featured on many many documentaries sense but he paid a price of among his colleagues he was for a while a laughing stock that's true too that that's absolutely true June amazing cases over the years we don't seem to get them anymore why is that. in my right. well there's always something going on and you know if if you count up move on statistics in a year's time there's going to be a thousand or two thousand. cases from shaking the solid I mean the last really good one moon I and I'm not talking about the release of the tic tac aircraft case or anything like that what are the real last great case where there were witnesses was the Phoenix lights and and I was twenty two years ago now yeah and that was seen by so many that is you you probably can't make a statement for what the government said about the Phoenix lights because they didn't say much not much layers and all kinds of stuff yeah they actually what it appears that they did was after the fact of late at night they sent a couple of helicopters up to drop some players and say that's what people misidentified but they were off by about an hour and a half what really happened let's take some calls you for you down let's pick it up by going to bill North Carolina first time caller hello there bill welcome to the program Hey thank you guys very much for allowing me to to hello input here I yeah. may not have a lot to add but I would like to say when I was in the airforce Montes sixty six to sixty nine thank you too bye Sir by the way well I think you're much Alice at Luke airforce base in Luke Air Force base was a radar operator. and we saw it was part of the sage environment semi automatic ground environment so I was kind of a computerized system at the time. and we would have objects on radar that was the the speed of the object was surprised because he thought it couldn't keep up with the data input and they were they were definitely on my own I'm just in the listing guy so I don't have all have I want to add but there definitely was unidentified objects on radar and then when I got to Iceland I went to Iceland. I was a crew chief up there and then we would have object again all right are but there was a manual system that was not a computerized system and that we would have objects in maintenance would tell us sometimes it was called there was a term called running rabbits and so I definitely have seen objects alright are with my own eyes that was under fire then when I left ice one went to the command post at over center for space. one of my jobs there. listed his knuckle reports when someone would call in it was nothing we just take a sheet of paper that had questions on it and we'll just ask the questions in a liquid up book and I don't remember all the questions but questions like if you sought out here can you have your fist straight now yeah in relationship to your head Armani right now at arm's length and then there's like one of the questions we asked and I'm always joke about this when I was in college and. and then my career with other bodies were sent on talking you know I think those who question best I remember there was a question on here that today probably wouldn't fly out there was a question on have you been drinking I I'm I'm. sure that was the question on there like that but. I just wanted to add that. first hand saws stuff all right on that was random sample did you ever scrambled is you have to scramble imia jets to catch from. we scrambled jets but it was the two intercept the Soviets coming over the ages but it now we we didn't scramble on any unknown objects we if we scramble we knew pretty much what we were going after I believe that that's great story thank and I wonder how many operators of radar units Dan could say exactly what he did I'm reminded of one some radar that was on board an airliner which. radio India and to say that something was approaching him and was going what the equivalent would be of ten thousand eight hundred miles an hour that it covered like twenty four kilometers and the number of seconds and that it was going so fast that on their radar screen it was leaving a trail. but. that was a favorite of mine let's go to Joe in the Bronx welcome to the program Joseph Edward L. always well thanks Joe good good good among the files to he reviewed water any files having to do with the the Roswell the the wall because the tackle over LA. the Eisenhower meetings would eat please. no none of those things was covered by the CI a I had five hundred fifty C. I. A. reports or documents but what I found early on in the in the process of going through all of them and and separating wheat from chaff was if it had anything to do with national security it was not the eventually put on the CIA website than those were held in abeyance and I have some really good cases from around the world that the that the CIA must have known about but because it involved their personnel or they're always so friendly nations and was peculiar that was a national security interest and it went no where DM let's talk a little bit about doctor James McDonald what was his role in all of this. he's a favorite and a hero to me doctor McDonald was an atmospheric physicist at the university of Arizona and however he came to this in October of sixty six the newspaper the Arizona Republic ran an article titled UFO harsh Bulleen down CI a man. doctor McDonald was a hard core scientists to but he would tell audiences that he came to the P. T. hypothesis as the least on acceptable explanation. he he rejected things like time travel and E. S. P. N. secret aircraft and natural phenomena as overall explanations. well he went after the C. I. A. because when he was at Wright Patterson airforce base he looked at that old nineteen fifty three Robertson panel report and at that point there was a memo attached from the C. I. A. to the Air Force ordering the Air Force to keep long. cases and so he really came down with both fists on the C. I. A. over that he made a number of appearances before various audiences and was to the C. I. A. he was real pain in the ****. and eventually because of his public speaking on this subject and repeatedly saying the C. I. A. with flying and the airforce was debunking at the CIA's behest he ran into trouble with his university superiors and also went home and he eventually took his own life. or you can take it anymore Cody he just couldn't handle that much pressure but to me he was in on some hero. the condom report that came out in sixty seven sixty eight to debunk project blue book that was a set up wasn't sure what by a sixty seven the Air Force was ready to punch they didn't have any answer to where everything and neither could they get rid of it so they ask for for a nother committee to be set up and this was under Edward Khandan a physicist at cal I had call room sneakers have university account. he put together for other physicists and three psychologist to go over not a large number but a number of cases but and I put down a couple of quotes here that I think are worthy of mention the chief of staff in effect with another physicist named Dr Lou Robert Lowell from UC. he told university officials just as they were getting under way in the late sixty seven our study would be conducted almost exclusively by non believers who. would add an impressive body of evidence that there is no real reality to the observations and then the key he said the trick would be I think to describe it sold that to the public it would appear to be a totally objective study but to the scientific community it would grab be it would present the image of a group of non believers trying their best to be objective but having an almost zero chance of finding a softer that's not here yet the objectivity of doctor Robert Lowell. in London himself said I won't believe in outer space doctors until I see one touch one all it into a laboratory and get some competent people to go over with me someone to go to area fifty one. he also told the press early on this is in the first couple of months of the kind in committees existence it is my inclination right now to recommend that the government get out of the business my attitude right now is that there is nothing to it but I'm not supposed to reach a conclusion for another year not here in Brooklyn New York welcome to the show high Hary. earlier George good to speak with you again thank you you've got a great show you really so are you sure of program on television awhile back about UFOs and there was a gentleman who claimed that he is come across different. Ashley Graham. he frowned this piece of metal it was about a foot long. it was squared off on it the edges on the sides and everything and it had symbols on the. and he he didn't know what to make of this you know and he.

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