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The fancy pass in all things oh the shooting his name his bang as the women and you at one of the best guys need new ship in magic they got the same mindframe these winter and when you've got that you could for landzo to make the all star team in now i'll give you this because our leader and he is you if you're scale him to make the allstar game he makes the playoffs vesco malleable meter this by february they will have to be like us really like maybe five or six all when he came mob maybe the people's choice who pitched allstar team down on the on on on dying under i might vote undying billy andrade better volcker yes are okay got oh man is the one for you who will be the rookie of the year joining like this when even i give it sounded i gotta go with a do plays a lot like landzo whoa dan simmons your like this you know what i'm talking about is almost half of hillsdale gas i'm talking about the graphic filadelfia players you know so he will be arraigned next kate as good as here a nice man schutte like landzo okay but kiss score but he will be recordings ten i got him as rookie dear pass it as well as landzo attorneys can be recouped your feet they might win if they healthy your home where i left the nfc east this lobi easier out there.

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