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O'clock CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief I'm. Gary Nunn it is primary day, in three states the. Last multi, state, elections of the two. Thousand eighteen. Primary season another key test of the president's standing and his impact on the GOP Arizona Oklahoma Florida I'm Peter King in Orlando there are a handful of congressional seats that. Could flip from Republican democrat three are. In south Florida they include that of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen retiring after fifteen terms nine Republicans and five, Democrats are running to replace her including former health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala political experts here say seats held, by seven term congressman Mario Diaz Balart and two term Carlos Correa Belo could also flip this fall in Arizona voters will decide the GOP contenders for one Senate. See there are, three main contenders in the. Republican primary to replace the retiring Jeff flake. Two of them are far. To the right The former sheriff Joe are Pyo, and Dr Kelli ward even, Martha mcsally who is a current member of the US, congress a former, fighter. Pilot has really tied herself to President Trump in the past year. And that is. Something that those McCain's orbit felt was. A bridge too far they wished that she hadn't had to do. That but she's certainly considered the establishment candidate in that field she'd be, Nancy, Cortes, Arizona. Governor says he will wait. Until after the funeral for John McCain to name a successor to his, seat Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Told reporters at the White House this morning that the. President hoping that Canada will join the new NAFTA agreement reached between the US and Mexico. If, we could, do it is, one deal we'll do it a bundle. If we do it in two deals we'll. Do it in two deals Canada's foreign minister is cutting short a trip to Europe to visit. Washington today striving to restart trade talks dangerously high temperatures forecast for much of the country. Today mid west west northeast it'll feel like One. Hundred or higher in Chicago Detroit, New York and Saint Louis floodings a major, problem in eastern Wisconsin one, man in port Washington I got a phone call there, was water I, looked. Outside and my Was up to the windows. And water gets the. Right in, the stomach today and tomorrow the body, of Aretha Franklin will lie. In repose in the rotunda of the right museum of the. African American history in Detroit. For public visitation one more barrier extrordinary I.

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