Republican Party, President Trump, Shelby discussed on Battle Lines


Of the week the money station am 1410 kbnp has a much bigger story for the future of the republican party then a ruined more loss eyeroll and more loss is a bullet dodged for the republican party longterm and this is a test for the president i think when you've seen with shelby going against jeff flake giving money to this guy i think there were the republicans in the in the house in the senate want to lose the senate i think they want the president's agenda to fail and the only way to really achieve that is to suddenly become the minority reinstalled got through this i mean this is one of the things were garlands of who wins this and at this point it looks like it might be mr jones is that that remains the issue that this is why this is occurring and i think part of the gop base it's not all of us should be extremely concerned about the nature what the gop establishment has done in this process and i agree with larry look as a feminist out i'm i'm outraged that this also happens to be our choice right uh but the fact is that the future of the country's at stake this is larger than roy more but this is also a sign of how awful things have become under the establishment we have to do welcome back everybody welcome back of a years alan nathan the militant moderate once again this is the waste is for those who have an aversion to the left right black white twodimensional approach and a half to revisit these clips because i think it's important to differentiate similar a valid things observed and some of the more fanciful ones now you first listening to an exchange and msnbc's andrew mitchell report she was having has gas than al analysts embassies chuck todd who is saying that roy more losing actually constitute a bullet dodge for the gop and following that we heard tammy bruised taco's that our own right she was on fox news.

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