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Coast Cape Ann islands for tomorrow. Well, the shutdown showdown Escalades at the White House. The president had harsh words for the house speaker who told him she won't, okay? His state of the union address until he ends the shutdown nasty as I call her. She doesn't want to hear the truth. The president's saying it's never happened before. It's a great great horrible. Mark shut down this long. Also as. Never happened before Andy Field. ABC news, Washington, congressman Steve Lynch is on board with Pelosi. We can do a few few weeks from now if we have to when the government is hoping it takes that long. But I fully support speaker's position that should not happen during a shutdown. It's just not appropriate. The president looking at alternatives for the address details to come later from Capitol Hill to beacon hill where governor Charlie Baker unveiled his proposed budget for the fiscal year, beginning July first as well as an education reform measure WBZ's Carl Stevens at the state house. Governor Baker forty two point seven billion dollar budget proposal calls for more money to fight opioids climate change other priorities, but the big priority is education. That's why at the same time. He files this budget proposal. He's submitting an education reform Bill designed to close the achievement gap. It's a cliche to say that education is a great equalizer. The part of the reason it's a cliche is because it also happens to be true. The education reform Bill makes what the governor calls targeted investments for low income, minority and English language learning students from the state house Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's news. Radio a Boston man ordered held without bail and to undergo a mental health valuation following his court appearance in the kidnapping of Libya Ambrose Victor Pena appearing on a Charlestown courtroom today. His lawyer says it's too early to comment on the case in Rhode Island national grid. Officials say they're making good progress restoring natural gas to thousands and Newport and Middletown service was shut down yesterday because of the loss of pressure caused by a faulty valve officials say it could be a week or more before the service is back on political chaos in Venezuela. People on the streets of Caracas calling for the country's President Nicolas Maduro to step down. They want one Guido recognized as interim president ABC's. Matt gut tells us what the US is doing why go thanks President Trump for recognizing him and the US. In fact, spearheaded a whole host of countries recognizing quite Widodo as the real and legitimate, president of Venezuela. We are about to enter into a significant diplomatic imp-. Pass between Venezuela and the rest of the world Madero retaliating by breaking off relations with Washington and ordering US diplomats out of the country. The Trump administration says it will not comply..

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