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Of the series. So so here's this this sheriff and he has a basically a murder suspect who is supposed to be executed. He can't do it. So you know the call on the marshals and then the marshal calls in another Marshall who calls in somebody else and eventually there's just this this clown car of where animals entering this town like all of a sudden the population has tripled because all of her friends that have showed up to help her out well, the collision boy yet. I'm being a little funny about it made sense and it was a lot of fun to introduce all the different all that different character dynamic. It's an especially important when it gets to the point when she's you know communicating with Olaf. About her sexual desires with a lot of her other partners I wanna talk about that scene. My point is there was a lot of there was a lot of introduction of characters that I wanted to know more about and I feel I did not feel any emotional attachment to because they didn't have a lot to do well, not in this burke began. That's kind of like I think the idea and I hope the idea is that they caught your attention and you want to know more they were just. They had something to do in this story, but they like a lot of the. Characters Anita's life are not a huge part of this particular story to be told I. Appreciate. Something that Laurel said in our interview about the cares wanting to be on stage and her basically having to tell him no, tell me no, this is not your time. There's not enough room in the car. There's so many points in this book as soon as she said, I realized where they have to be driving A. Car Only, so many people can fit in the car or duke says, Hey, they do not have badges they are not police they cannot be involved in this investigation. They can't be in this scene and I thought that was really smart. It was almost late in hindsight very funny. It's almost like Duke was helping her control, all these characters and their Luke Duke is an interesting. He is a bit of a bigot. But at the same time, a was able to have empathy for him which I appreciate. This is a really cool way that she wrote him like that I, like to Duke a lot because there are definitely a lot of points when you just really dislike him. Off So bad. But I actually do believe just like Anita kind of suspected that we not seeing him on his best day I think so too and that's always important and an exercise in compassion for us all. About the situations we meet people in. So I do kind of like I, want to kind of jump to that like a little bit of the relationship stuff. So off is one of my favorite characters in this series another sociopath sociopath, he's not he's not dead but I. Know Edward Ed. Ted Yeah you know you're in the spoiler section. So you know what we're talking about but. He is fascinating and I love that he is a fan favorite because I mean I. He's so bad and problematic and not a good person, and now he's also part lion. But I find him on ending Lee Fascinating and I just love reading the books where he shows up in it but I mean for girl like me that's not too surprising. But I love that all these other fans are like more of and she's like, okay. It's interesting to me the way that he was introduced in this book because I really disliked him from the very beginning and I was your of him from the very beginning, oh. Yeah and I still don't know how I feel about where I feel like their relationship is going because he seems even though he's trying so hard and apparently his word truly is that good yes he's so. I don't WanNa say evil because the the hard part about him is because he does not have the capability of having those like seeing the moral the he doesn't have empathy for other people. He doesn't have that capability so I. Of Not really a term that fits him. Here's the thing is sometimes sometimes in books, children sometimes in books, people, characters, situations are problematic. They're weird they're troubling. There's something that you would not engage in or promote in real life and everybody has to find their comfort level with characters and plots in situations like that for me I know all those things about Olaf and I still really adore reading about the character and I'm just kinda strapped in and down for the ride of wherever it takes us but it's Important to remember is sometimes you have to suspend the disbelief certain and and enjoy the ride, and just because there is a lot of like in this novels a great example, there's a lot of wonderful high points of morality and ethics doesn't mean that everything has to be perfectly clean cut. Am I making sounds like with what I'm saying I do relationships emotions are messy. Yeah and nothing is perfect and he is far from perfect. He is very, very far from perfect but is Magnetic. He's interesting Oh definitely, and attraction is obvious and now we have this side to his character since he's become a lion where he has something that he can give a Nieta that is beneficial and that doesn't mean that like all the sudden it's like, wow, all off all your sins are forgiven like and I don't think that anybody has painted it. That way everybody is really aware of how problematic he is. But again, this is not a situation that anybody's ever going to run into in real life. So it's okay. It's okay to have a little bit of of time with it and enjoy the journey at the ending of the book when it's clear that he is he's killed Jocelyn. I. Oh well, okay. He he does care about something. He does actually have a sense of justice and then.

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