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I've been really very lucky. And your manager, your first couple of years in the big leagues was Connie Mac, and I think you're the last person I can still ask this question. What was it like to be managed by Connie Mack? Well, he was very quiet. He never said much. His son did most of the match Earl Mac was his son and he did most of these at coach and Connie would sit in the dugout and then wave the scorecard. You know the city. Yeah, he never said too much. He was very nice person, very nice man. But he was a little bit too old guys. When I came to the big leagues, I think he was about 82 years old. Yeah, older, even. He never said much. Betty was really nice. And he didn't want you to throw the knuckleball, right? He was. I had started throwing a knuckleball in when I was around the sand lots when I was screwing around with I used to think that the guy that had that good knuckle board down that Baltimore house his name I forget I can't remember. I used to see how good he was doing. And I ended up throwing a pretty good knuckle ball, but like everybody else, I didn't have too good of a control of it, but I learned this when I did finally learn to get around the plate. That pitch really helped me out. And then Jimmy, Jimmy dykes took over our management job. And in spring training, he remained he says if you could get that guy Dan knuckleball I would say you throw that thing. He didn't want to tell it, mister Mack rapid but after Matt had retired. So he came over to me and he said, and I ended up at 9 or ten bowl games in a row. I already threw it, right? I had two strikes on somebody. But even if I wasn't around the plate, if I had two strikes here and I'd get a lot of guys out with it. Was that what led to your MVP year being able to throw the knuckleball more? Or I think so, yeah, I think it was because I won quite a few ball games getting guys out with that bitch. Was it intimidating to come up as a rookie and have your manager be someone who's been in the game since almost the beginning? Jimmy dykes is a manager and Bing Miller was one of our coaches and they're pitching coach. I can't even think of his name. A bender, Charles bender. Case bender. I had a stroke not too long ago. So I'm losing. I haven't showed that. This past year, I broke both of my hips. Oh no. Moan the goddamn lawn. Can you believe that? Well, you should get someone to do that for you. Yeah. Yeah, both times. I book one yet, the first time in my elbow, and the next time by a year later, I fell and broke the other hip and my shoulder. And then I finally got over that and I ended up having a guide to him stroke. So I'm just trying to get out of bed. So I just wanted to read it. I can't go see Jim Carrey. I love that guy. And I wish I could really wish I'd make my kids even want to take me up there, but I can't do that. It's a beautiful place. I've been up, I've been up to a sign autographs quite a few times and it's really nice. And I really would like to go, but I just can't take it. I don't think I could do it. Yeah. Well, your older now than Connie Mack lived to be or was you came up with crisis. It seems like I've ordered everybody. I was up till I had thrown a first bullet, but they haven't seen it to me up but I used to go to high school and then invited me there yesterday. I was up there most of the day trying to throw a ball ten feet. I couldn't even do the Tennessee because my shoulders, my left shoulders, so bad. I threw it right in. And I didn't even reach the plate and I only had it through it ten feet. But I couldn't do it. They just wanted me to come up here and I guess I was there anyway. Well, I know you used to drop down and throw side arm against lefties sometimes to do the knuckle sidearm too. Could you not? I didn't show enough of my arm now. I stayed over him with that. Because I kept it on a better line. When I was breaking, then I could just get it around the plate, all the time. I didn't even get it over the plate, but they'd swing at it because it was two strikes around. That's the only time I ever threw it. Yeah, and in 1955, you got the pitch to your brother Billy, who was a catcher for the a's. So what was he like to throw to him in a game? He was a good catcher, very good catcher. Good arm and he did a good job. He stayed in the big leagues about four or 5, almost 5 years, I think. Almost long enough to get a pension. And he wasn't really a good kid. I remember when I was having a little trouble with my arm in Kansas City and the blue boulevard was our manager and he came over to me and says, but we're playing the Yankees tomorrow. Are you think you can start the game? I said, yeah, okay. I'm starting to feel pretty good. You know what we ended up beating him 6 to nothing. My brother was catching. Oh wow. That's great. That was really some. I really enjoyed it. And when you got to the Yankees, I know that they put you back in the starting rotation too, a lot of the time. I did start a few problem. I am really enjoying it. What was yours really Yankees? I was really something. I can't believe I had such a good book. They were all really good ball players, really good..

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