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Left steps to attack Will attempt still on his feet, makes the turn of the 10 just inside the 10 yard line number and that has driven down right there. He got a yard to the 12. Flowers and Barton on the stop. Whatever the Packers got on that play was due to Aaron Jones. Because the offensive front on the right side turned Val, dear, both. We're outflanked instantly by the Seahawks. Third down and nine for Green Bay Bottle. The 12 yard line of the Packers three receivers out to the right side, including Jimmy Graham and Alan was art. Not Graham comes in motion from right to left Rogers in a shotgun Jones to his left. Avante split wide to the left side snap to Roger's looking downfield with time now under pressure flushed from the pocket rolling right chase by Jadeveon clowning and throws it away out of bounds. Does Aaron Rodgers who are the past protection? Not good on that Syriza and the Packers go, 123 and out. John Kun, What do you have for us on the Packers offense down there, guys. It didn't happen on that tribe. But what they were able to do in the first drivers take advantage of getting the Seahawks out of their patented 33 busts defense. They took advantage of them running the cover two and man defense on third down. That's what the Vontae had when he scored a touchdown. David Moore back teeth to receive this punch from JK Scott. Scott 44 yard average 28th in the NFL 24th and that average just under 40 yards upon Snap is me. Scott moves forward lifts a high spiral sailing toward the near side numbers on the right and backing up. Making the catch near the 32 yard line is David Bohr and the Seahawks. Second possession will begin from there. We've got a time out 6 57 to go in the first. Still the Packers seven the Seahawks Nothing. You're listening.

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