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Either exponential peyton jones. I am here today with christian and you'd better me how to pronounce your last name. I know everyone else is gonna wonder it's l. e. f. e. r. but it's capital in capital. Is it for. That's perfect the way he. I wanted to put that on. But you know krishan. I took french in high school. And all i can say is a hunger for cheese and may the force be with you. If you're french you can't tell what the heck i'm saying on either one so even those two phrases who failed me but christian welcome on For those of you tuning in we are here to talk about how to start a non-profit now funny enough Christian is the founder and ceo of christian nonprofit christian nonprofit. Your name is kirsten inside. Nonprofit dot com. And what's really cool. Christian is you and i spoke for maybe forty five minutes about a month. Five five weeks ago. And i literally was on the phone with Some planters out of my church plant in long beach this like maybe in the last fortnight and they were like hey man you got any leaves on how to start this without spending a million bucks doing it and you are the right guy to talk to because often planners feel like they can't really get a hand a hand on the money needed to start a non-profit. They're not part-time workers. They need someone like you to do it for him. And you know so as we jump into this. I'm excited because i talked to planners all the time i train planners i coach planners. I can't do what you do in. So you're filling a real gap i would say in the process for planners and so thanks for coming on today. Man thank you. You know that's what we're here for. I really appreciate you know having another opportunity to talk some of the people that are involved with exponential because the world needs what you guys were doing And like what you do. Our job is to make something that is complex and paik simpler so that you know. There's there's a reason they're not just Eliminating pain bu- mission going on here. That you guys are focused on so that you can help. People focus on their mission focused on the people and the programs and the things that only they can do. And and that's kind of what we're here for as well is to take all the bureaucratic stuff off your back and do it for us because you don't need to become an expert in something. You're only going to do once not search planner that i've met his ever been excited about. Hey i can't wait to go start a nonprofit and it's funny because the kind of the kind of people that usually end up being really good church planners they don't have the skill set to do what you do and so it man i. I'm excited. Because i'm i'm aware of all the.

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