Bob Moeller, Democratic Party, Donald Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


At night there are no prosecutors at worked for bob moeller that gave as much money did the democratic party as donald trump the man that they're all investigating steve bannon is reported to have said that please the meetings between trump associates and shen said she treasonous of these do you agree with you and i'd like to associate myself with what the president had to say about steve bannon yesterday i'm sure he would welcome back to morning joe casey i was just reading something interesting from tim jim roberts his tweeted eight minutes ago and it's about the book and he's quoting from an axis report he talks about an axis reporting says in the past twenty four hours the michael wolff zeitgeist has done a one eighty with the many reporters now saying the book episodes are accurate or ring on ambiguously true that's from axes we can be tongue in jonathan swan in a minute but it was interesting yesterday morning we saw did we saw a lot of people come out and say well michael wolff makes up stories out of this but van is a day went on and you started started calling up my friends who just like you and people that had access to the campaign and everybody goes well yes they all ring unambiguously true there is of course the john there's that john banner story where he apparently get no john bayne or was that doesn't make sense unless he is completely losing his mind.

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