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At WGN radio dot com. Police did not issue an amber alert, they haven't confirmed yet. He was abducted for the fourth year in a row the Chicago area lost population. That's according to new census data, Maryland Lightfoot weighing in saying we've got to create real opportunities and incentives for businesses for all neighborhoods to prosper in honor of Earth Day on Monday. The department of transportation is giving a five thousand trees to local school districts spokesperson Jesse decker says handing out seedlings to participating schools has become a tradition. It's a way for us to replace trees that were taken out for construction or maintenance activities, and it's also great way for dot to partner to improve our communities across Illinois the trees include red oak swamp, white oak, bur oak and red bud varieties. And now it's W N community corners. Here's Ryan burrow, the one hundred and two year old crown theater in crown point Indiana's expected to reopen this summer after extensive renovations. The nearly five hundred seat movie theater now. Includes a stage for live entertainment, such as musical performances theater and comedy acts that theater making the announcement on Facebook that it plans to hold a reopening event July twentieth. They're already starting to post. The axe that'll become a I'm Ryan burrow with community cornerside WGN radio. And now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell back. Frustrating losses for the White Sox yesterday fell an extra today. They lost to the Tigers nine seven in Detroit. Despite owning the lead in the seventh Detroit scored five runs over the final three innings starter. Yvonne Nova gave up six earned runs in six plus before the game writing Lucas, she'll eat a place on the ten day injured list with a strained left. Hamstring and sucks. Recalling Carson Fulmer up from AAA outfielder. Ryan Cordell also called up. He had three hits any Homer today. The game two between the SOX and Tigers tomorrow at five thirty five here on WGN Taffer finding a home in the big league. Sponsored by the village event for park building for the future sucks. Top pitching prospect. Dylan cease has been on a roll he's thrown fifteen consecutive scoreless innings data. Back to last season. He owns eight point two two ERA over his last eight starts the righty beyond the mound. Tomorrow night for triple a Charlotte. Cubs. Those streaking Diamondbacks tomorrow. Arizona's won four straight cubs. One five six and three in a row. A pair of Thursday games and the bear schedule released last night. They have a pair of Thursday games. The opener against the Packers and other against the Cowboys. Also have a Monday night matchup with the Redskins and a couple of Sunday night games against the Rams and chiefs and longtime Chicago sportscaster Chad copy has died at age seventy after a car accident a week ago.

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