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What's happening on the twenty seven. It's a nice Google strike so instead of SCO children's striking scale which we will still be doing. We're inviting adults grandparents everyone from every generation innovations come and join us to show that we all together. We won't change amazing convenient so I'm really going to hand this over to the amazing cost of dairy girls who we have here Sertucha do you you have any questions for Ana. Obviously we get on a lot of trouble are characters and dairy gears with sister Michael. Hoy has your school been with your absence with the strikes. Thanks so personally wasn't too bad about it. I did posters taken down but we back up. We we have heard of a lot of people who have had problems one. There was one scenario in England where everyone who skipped school and five days to strike gobind from going to their prom chrome so it has been quite strict for some people and some people have like software quite turn them. What do they do it anyway no or they did anyway? I mean I think really takes a stunned says fine. Stop US going to a dance wants is just as important as being able to breathe in and out in twelve years. There's no point in having a problem if there's no oxygen and the prom it's kind of defeats the purpose of Johnson them their border. It's true it's true. It's just you know I think what Greenwich doing is incredible because she's just going. Can you not see the buildings on fire. Someone pulled the fire alarm. It's seventy five floors getting hotter and everyone's going which sheldon any that's how I saw speaking actresses. That's how she feels. You just just like why is it not running around. The scientists have said it's an emergency such I mean they do. You have any questions final yeah so you've been doing this year. It's not right and I'm just wondering you say skulking Donald Dewey thank. This has actually working. Do you fail it. There's a change since the start of the year. I feel like yeah if you had said this year that would be millions of kids striking off school because they don't government to doing people would have in your face so so in that sense yes is made a massive change and it's made a massive change in the way the people lessons to youth voices as well but more needs to be win. No no way what we've got as far as we should have done like I'll government has declared emergency but they've done absolutely nothing since then so we are in going in the right direction but no we're not far enough yeah okay but now she you need support. It's not enough. I think so many people say oh let the children do it. I here all the time the next generation Social Pankhurst guns I mean the girls see very clear that they want to vote short al organize it just so you know what I mean. If Martin Luther King had gone that fourteen year old he's probably quite keen extrordinary that we're sort of leaving it to you you so it's great that you're now saying no come join us and it works as well as get everybody else to join an Chaban yes. Do you have any questions. It's interesting that you said that rebels like Martin Luther King Go. I'm sure a fourteen year old person will have a dream just continue but I I personally am waiting for the young people source it out. That's my that's my pension that is literally what I'm planning my nieces and nephews we'll source it out for me. Why is this I mean I probably never mentioned? You probably don't know this about me. Both involved lived in the abortion rights campaign in Northern Ireland where we can teach creeds decriminalize breasts up all evening my I apologize on behalf of my breasts again. Ah The repeal movement in the republic even though there have been so many people for generations and for decades who've been working working towards this moment many many many many people it was very much a grassroots young woman led movement and I started to see the same in the north and what is it. Do you think about your generation. That's so fucking amazing that we couldn't get the job done a decade geico. Is it just social media. Can you just call each other quakers. There's amazing organizers are are you learning from other people's full not my only semaphore semaphore. We'd start bonfires semaphore. I think thank things I definitely do help. I think we're just sick of being told the our opinions don't matter that were too young then we didn't have to wait. I think we've seen so many great. The people greater there were so many activists around the world who are standing up and seeing other people do it has really motivated the rest of our scalp and do the same and and say actually no we must have just as much on a ought the to be fair as well like you're going to be here and a lot of people are going to be dead and they don't care assuming that we give twelve years last album and six so guys. You know what I mean by. How much you I like your characters not a totally token opposite four Japanese man? You'll probably Scott Hanson awesome now. I think it's partly urgency. Actually I think if when I was at school someone I'm GonNa say you got twelve years to slay climate change or it's unsolvable. I probably would've taken a Friday off but when I was at school we what firstly we weren't told about. I mean there was a little bit about Oh. Stop Using Deodorant Niccolo up say I wanted to ask you because I really embarrassing recently only realize what the impact at the fast fashion I really was not aware that a toll it was blind slot for me and I think for a lot of people but just basic practical changes that we all not could make I we all actually really need to make them now. What do you think are like the things that we could take away from here and implement? What can we do say and I think some of the main things are just released? Mood changes changes to your diet switching Washington more plant based things we're talking about meat free Mondays. That's good but it does need to be also things I mike selling your once. You're done with reusing them swapping them stuff like that instead of constantly consuming more and more. I'm reading about charity shops. Actually that was interesting. Yes so obviously that's a really good thing but sometimes they don't have enough stories. They don't have the money and stuff like that to keep them on so sometimes they do end thrown them out and was a really good answer suitable for as to send them to refugee camps and stuff like that where we know that the people will use them. We'll need them. I said to backstage. We need to make sure we say if they're suitable. Because last time I was out and Kelly they pulled out ah back a sexy center and psalmist dress and they went. You can't give this to a refugee they want like a sexy Santa Coach and they said the way to say that if it was it's a sexy bee costume and I said what you're doing with it and one of the volunteers went I took the climate council on the guilty feminist and she said the three things that you can do individually no one really wants to do one is plot based on and she's like making just enough. She said if you can go for gin if you can do as as much plot based as you can. Do I need to eat meat now. Do I really need something and try and have that to fall. If we all do eighty percent of the right things eighty percent of the time that would make a huge shift the other thing she said was flies little as you can't just think all different you've and the other one was don't have children that was the most controversial Russia want amongst the audience but Chaban who says you haven't had a child today not today her baby say nine once more on today's nearly overnight and that's a whole day that I haven't had a child so she's that base fucking equal warrior doing this. If I was like mom you couldn't say one sensible things. I don't know what we told them. We make fun just think about this mood changes that aren't GonNa make a massive difference sprint to you but in the long run will make difference and also if you can please please come along to Australia on the twentieth happening in most vacancies places to so look up online. UK Essien and it has thing will locations and if you can come along into.

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