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B. we're going to pay per call we now more than ever depend on it here's what's happening with WSB sponsors the doctor is in each Sunday on W. SP with the weekly check up with Dr Bruce Feinberg from three PM to five PM visit weekly checkup dot com to learn about this week yeah you can also ask doctor Klein burst your medical questions visit weekly checkup dot com thank you for supporting the sponsors of ninety five point five W. F. three news and talk to a bigger hosted a home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield I hear on the spots all the time never paint your house again how serious are you about that we are very serious about that we do give a twenty five year transferable warranty that's in writing you never have to paint your house again unless you want to change the color how long does it take to do an average size house they have a rhino shielded usually are going to be at your house for anywhere from say three to five six days depending upon the size of the house what is so great about rhino shield in the last twenty five years well the technical term is it's a urethane elastomeric ceramic coating so it is designed totally different than traditional paint and scare into the last twenty five years if I live in my house for twelve years I will be a selling point to the next guy absolutely caller I know sealed a six seven eight two oh five forty five hundred CM on the web at rhino shield G. A. dot com go okay the region news weather and traffic.

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