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Out of their ass and put him into the NFL Hall of Fame. Yeah, I think that he becomes eligible this year because you have to be out of football for five years and certainly He was going to be a ring of Famer for the Denver Broncos. The 1st 5 years he was out of football. And so that's taking place. And now I think that conversation could be had about the Hall of Fame. And do you see Mike Shanahan is being Absolutely as somebody who should be getting into the holiday. Absolutely. You know, I think I think the thing that you you have to understand about Coach Shanahan in particular. Is that His stuff. Steelworks. You know, I'm saying like I can. I can No, I can't. I can't say it to me. I want to say, but his stuff steelworks, Okay, the stuff that he did. Back when we want to Super Bowl still work today. Kyle has a variation of some of it. Some of the coaches who are have good running games have some variation of it, but we were the team that Shove the zone running scheme down your throat and we had great runners year after year that want high draft picks Could importers. Of course. Second round draft pick was outstanding, but In general, if you know how to run. The daylight and how the such of blocks up, you could be a good successful running back in our system. So I think that he's just you know, he didn't want to take credit for it. But I just remember man game planning. No, I'll give you think Mike Shanahan's masterpiece. And I think it was in 1994 and it was against the San Diego Chargers, 49 of San Diego Chargers in Mike Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 40 Niners. No. Coach used to say. If we go out here And play the game the way they were supposed to, not only where we win the game. But we'll embarrass him. And let me tell you something. The 40 Niners against the charges when Mike Shanahan was offensive coordinator embarrass the San Diego charges. They took a great player and his aggressive behavior and made an example of How not to play undisputed football. So he punished genius a out and that defense for all the aggressive Ah! Guessing that they were known for and it was beautiful. I just I could still remember seeing Ah Ah Think it was Ricky Waters just going down the left hash mark. On a bluff play for linebacker and Steve Young just floated to him. And, you know, just being a huge play, and I'm like, man, you know this And then when you get to Play for him, and he is calling games and you got Oh, my goodness. I'll give you a player that ended up being a great player. Shawn Springs. Shawn Springs was a great young cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, and, but he was a rookie. So they put him out there and they put a McCaffrey so they matched him up with Ed McCaffrey man. Eddie Mag ate his lunch all day. When I tell you. He ate his lunch and Shawn Springs became a great football player, but he was young and didn't understand how to play the game. Coach Shanahan every week would pick a guy like that and pick on him on offense and pick on him on defense. And in the biggest moments of the game,.

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