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Is heading to puerto rico to help with hurricane maria recovery efforts they'll be working with the puerto rican government to coordinate resources and provide other support michigan assent resources out of state several times over the last decade mostly to help in the wake of hurricanes or widespread flooding person has now been formally charged in the november ii robbery and murder at a detroit auto parts door we get more from wwe kcp beat reporter vicki thomas twenty eight year old ebony mcclellan ross charged with felony murder and two counts of armed robbery ishii appeared for arraignment here in 36 district her attorney marlon blake evans told the magistrate she turned herself end to police after getting legal council family found me and then i come salt are not communicated with danforth and told them they she would surrender a sale she wanted to put herself into position this can add council she has council in that way what nsa about her role and i'm not going to discuss the case i mean you know this is a sad sad case two others have already been charged she is due back in court november twenty nine sww j newsradio nine fifty evangelist radio news tanker says al franken al franken forcibly kissed and groped her on a us o tour back in two thousand six before he was elected to the senate k abc's leaann tweeting says franken wrote a skit that require them to kiss and that he insisted they practice during rehearsal she says he forces tung into her mouth and later she said that she discovered that he had posed for sure with his hands on her breasts while she was sleeping on the plane ride back to the us it was embarrassing it but i was i felt dolittle i was ashamed and i'm thinking i've had to live with this for eleven years i wanted to come out in and and and in like the least this photo and and tell the world doubted franken has apologized with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the ethics committee should review other complaint against him as well testimony begins at a los angeles courtroom in a lawsuit over who deserves credit for creating one of the most popular board games of all time life i'm deborah rodriguez the widow of toy inventor bill markham claims hasbro was wrong to cut her out of two million dollars in royalties she says it.

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