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Two is the one who is technically the first billy corgan so album or wet now i don't believes that onion he rode out music but i believe that's i believe we what you're gonna cut me off right now see your time it stifle known in a continuous thought which the march thought origin billy corgan always wrote the music and he'll be the first to tell ya sure why not because we already know we we don't need him to tell us sure every everyone already knows sure it's like the biggest thing about billy corgan is like he feels like he has to fight for credit that he already has uh you know it's like nobody it's it's the same thing that happens with green day in their later ero where they have a second guitarist that they just hide off screen nobody thinks the debt guy wrote the song nobody thinks that that guy wrote wake me up when september did they hide him behind the curtain during live performance feel like billy corgan is la is what way as is a narcissistic wall no yeah yeah definitely narcissistic but he's not out there all i wrote this i wrote this era i have blown posted directly contradict estee as much as any other artists that right songs for a ban they i had i know billy corgan seems very aggrieved to me he seems very defensive in aggrieved i feel like he thinks that he has to defend himself despite the fact that everybody knows billy corgan who he is what he did well.

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