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We do have two lines open because we lost somebody. But so we can start off with Mette. Go ahead, Matt. Hi, Dr Kabul. I just cannot just to kind of tell you the situation I have here. I have my sister and my niece is a type one diabetic physic for Southern California. And my brother in law in Southern California has been listening to Fox. France went out, caught himself a case of the cove it Oh, boy, and and the concern is Is. You know, my sister is planning on staying with us up here in Utah for at least until my brother in law test negative for the cova. Telly recovers, But What about the house where they lived? Um you have any advice on that? I mean, how How Cove. It transmitted from surfaces. That's that's kind of the concern there some some sanity ization of the house before they all go back. How important is right? Reid. Yeah, I think the heart surfaces that you might touch. I think why Saul Clorox? Those things is great. But you know, this doesn't live on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Lovely between three hours and 36 hours. So if there was no one in the house for two or three days, it's probably going to be okay again. The biggest issues just 50. Touch the surface. Wash your hands. And don't touch your face so again, gloves or not that helpful because if people touch something with the glove, and then they touch their face with the glove, which Could be infected. They've infected himself. So whenever I touch a hard surface that I'm not familiar with, I want to make sure that I washed my hands. And don't touch my face so you could attach an infected surface multiple times with your hands.

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