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News and talk radio station saying, Hey, are you excited about the Falcons? Nobody wants to talk about that decided. They want to talk about where Melanie Kai was yesterday. And that's sad because I'm a nobody. So Laurel for 87207 50. Our sister wasn't in yesterday. We need to know where she was Our question of the night. Where was Melanie Chi on yesterday, And we're also remembering deejay Crystal. Why do you have that? Tattoo yesterday. I didn't know where I got mine on. We're also asking where you were on 9 11 as we remember wild 19 years ago. Seems like it was yesterday. Vanessa. Thanks for calling us from Peachtree Corners. Where were you? Hello can get really quickly. I love your show New guys and down. Keep me cracking up. You okay? Really quickly. 9 11. I was in law school at the University of Florida and the slop in Gainesville. And I just remember we had just arrived at camp there. Not too long before all of our law school deans were circling and pushing everybody out Conover and go home. Because something awful had happened. And we had to get out and go because at that time no one really knew. You know what was going on? Because the word of mouth and traveling fast does nowadays? Absolutely. But also one interesting factoid toe almost two years later. In 2003 albums in New York City for the blackout that happened, I was actually entered into my law, My little intern and I was in midtown and everything went dark and right out of the building again. So we were all panicking. Thinking is this time to Wow. Great. Vanessa. Before I let you go, I get the feeling that Of course, you wanted us to remember 9 11, but you wanted us to let us know You're a lawyer. Yes, I love it. I love it. Thank you. Vanessa. Congratulations. Thank you. Okay. We appreciate it. Denise, in Canton. Where were you on 9? 11. Hey. Hi. Yeah, I'm here. Hi. I love you guys. Listen to you all the time. I lived in Coral Springs, Florida at the time. I used to work out at L. A fitness. And who was the mastermind used to go in there all the time. They had American girlfriends they socialize. I was walking out the door to go to my real estate office. The news cuts in I couldn't believe it. And then a little later they came back and said there was another plane. I saw it happen. I'm standing there watching and thinking this can't be for Khun happening. I don't believe that you saw though. You notice those guys when you went to go work out. We used everybody was there. Everybody knew him. I mean, Florida is very diverse. Everybody gets along pretty well, if everybody down there. Yeah, I know exactly who they meant when they showed their pictures. I almost fainted because one of my shopping centers on the corner of Congress and Lantana Road had a small airports and they were actually taking their flying lessons right across the street from where I was. Leasing that shopping center. Wow. Supposedly, they were supposedly learning how to fly in planes so they could crop dust. Yeah, they cross it. Alright. Too close for comfort. Thank you, Denise. We appreciate that. Finally, on the number one news and talk radio station in America in the city of Atlanta. Somebody wants to talk about The Atlanta Hawks. I mean, falcons falcons is the Falcons, right? Hi, Michael in Norcross. Michael, you're a fan of the fact. And you can't wait for Sunday to get here. Well, the first half of that is correct. I am a fan of the Falcons. But have you watched in the last couple years? There's nothing to be excited about. I'm sorry. There isn't any day, didn't they Haven't Ah, actually been, you know, doing very well. They have the Atlanta syndrome. We We do get in the regular season and we fall apart in the playoffs, So I'm excited about the new season, but I'm not excited about any prospect of anything good for them. Valium, a fan of how do you feel about this? The Falcons are going to be wearing our social injustice. Or phrases decals recorder. Allen's gonna wear decals saying Stop hate Christian blade, saying Trayvon Martin Ah, Matt. Matt Ryan is going to say it's his decals going to say it takes all of us. Calvin Ridley's decal was going to say black lives matter. What What is that is that is what is that? Why do you think about that is a fan. Sounds like NASCAR to me. Okay, stickers on the floor. I don't know you were talking about this. I think the other night or the night before. Forget get which, but I don't really think that's the proper way to protest. I don't think the subway is the nail atheism. I've called in before. I think that's a disservice to all those men and women that have given their lives in every war in any war that we've had, and I just think that it's a disservice to them and dishonor their memory professional. They're professional athletes. There are other platforms. There are other means, you know, all kinds of social media. And, you know, I think that you're gonna watch those Falcons is Sunday, though, right decals or not, right? Correct. No, I didn't watch last night. I'm not watching this. Okay, Michael, Thank you so much. And Dan Quinn coach is going to be wearing black lives matter, But he raises a good point. What's the difference between putting that on and selling a corporation to put on the decal of a helmet?.

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