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Fresh out there with smart mouth mouth Wash the only mouthwash that provides 24 hours of fresh breath. With twice daily use. So whatever the day may bring to you, and you can stay sunny with a side of fresh grab a bottle Today Smart mouth is now available at dollar General. The war visits smart mouth dot com to find a retailer near you. Traffic and weather together its power by Tim Star and custom Mayor. I'm an darling on news radio 16 w T V Ring of fire solar eclipse going on as we speak, but Feel like looking at their rising. It's too up to cloudy for is that at this point, but it's happening right now. ABC six first Morning weather with Phil Kelly and for Andrew Buck, Michael, fill any end to this weather pattern of rain hot, humid weather. Yeah, eventually we're going to break out of this pattern. Unfortunately, though, we still have a couple more days until that happens. Mostly cloudy. Warm, muggy. We get up to a high of 83 scattered showers. 69 for the overnight low 84 on Friday, with more of the same. We really start to break out of this pattern, though a sunshine returns this weekend. Lots of sun on Saturday Going to be hot. Still muggy with highs near 90 to start the weekend. Alright. 68 at Buckeye Lake 69 it your severe weather station NewsRadio six and W T v n Thanks for making me call today Inspired me. Columbus is placed to talk your voice of reason. Get involved. Get out there used radio 6 10. W. T v. N.

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