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Time. It certainly is. The White House says it will end COVID-19 emergency declarations on May 11th head Baxter with more from the Bloomberg newsroom in San Francisco, Eddie. Yeah, exactly. Doug, this is the latest signal the administration is winding down its fight against the virus. Now, house GOP members have been making straw moves to try to get declarations removed earlier, but the president says the 60 day wind on give states time to prepare the declarations allow millions of American special access to Medicaid to vaccination programs to free test kits and other access to healthcare products. Now Bloomberg's Riley Griffin says some of those things, yeah, they're going to change. This idea that vaccines, Therapeutics, could be offered for free, was one of the special privileges of this emergency declaration. The Biden administration knowing that this declaration might soon come to an end has suggested that they would switch to a commercial landscape here in 2023, meaning in the way you used to get your flu shot through your employer or through other care providers and insurance providers. Now you will have to access vaccines for COVID through that same process. Now, the Kaiser family foundation says between 5 and 14 million people could lose Medicaid coverage when the provision is dismantled. NATO secretary general young Stoltenberg is urging South Korea to provide direct military support to Ukraine and Seoul, Stoltenberg says Korea is not directly been of any help. This had a visit with South Korea and then Japan. Myrna Gaelic of the U.S. institute of peace says the visit has a wider vision as well. In the past few years, the alliance has realized how important this region is for Europe and also some of the challenges that China can pose to Europe. It's only grown more interested in engaging closely with these partners. And that's part of what this business is about. Gaelic says NATO has long-standing relationship with both countries and this is a visit to solidify it more. U.S. president Joe Biden has targeted Amtrak bottleneck that is plagued the U.S. eastern seaboard, Biden announcing a new $4 billion project to replace the 150 year old Baltimore and Potomac tunnel and expand Amtrak's northeast corridor. Now Biden and Baltimore today saying it's a first step in improving infrastructure nationwide. It's just the beginning beginning of having a 21st century rail system that's been so long overdue in this country. Yeah, the tunnel carries more than 2200 trains a day. In San Francisco, I met Baxter and let's get back on the rails over to Kathleen. Thank you so much. Samsung coming up next. Boy, what a tough earnings report

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