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At ninety sixth and midvale. There's no word what may have led up to the shooting or who was responsible in the wake of the Monday shooting in south, Seattle park, fresh calls for gun restrictions from some members of the Seattle city council more on this from komo's Carleen Johnson. Twenty-seven-year-old woman, and her ten month old baby boy, remain at Harborview following that shooting that police say was gang involved happened. Monday evening purchase beach the rainier valley both will recover. Now, Seattle councilmember lorraina Gonzales echoed comments from mayor, Jenny durken yesterday. Obviously, what we need is much more common sense and swift gun reform legislate. That really takes a lot of these dangerous guns off of the streets. Police have not yet released suspect names or descriptions, Dave workman with the second amendment foundation tells KOMO gun control groups, are slowly, but surely stripping away the rights of law abiding gun owners broken any laws, but they're being treated like criminals that the kind of social prejudice. I think that everybody ought to condemn because somebody owned a firearm doesn't mean they're bad person. A ten year old was also injured in another car in that Pritchard beach shooting that child's been released from the hospital and a park in Renton on Monday. And eight year old boy was injured that may have been from an air soft gun or some other projectile. He's also at Harborview. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. The King County sheriff's office says it will accept some of the twenty eight recommendations on use of force from law enforcement overseers, but not all of them, Deborah. Jacobs with the county office of law enforcement oversight says the sheriff did not agree to notify family members when a person is hurt in a police incident. They indicated that the media relations policy is not the right place for that policy. And in fact, it's the medical examiner who is charged with that asked the sheriff to reconsider. The sheriff's office said it would not implement seven recommendations, including tracking weather policy changes came about from a use of force complaint. The office did agree, though to give the public more information about use of force tactics definitions, and de escalation efforts, a family fight at a home in Everett ended with three men in the hospital with gunshot wounds deputy police chief John jerus- says it involved a man his father and his grandfather very community and we're still ironing out all the bugs on what exactly occurred. But apparently what we know at this point is three generations of a family were involved in some type of altercation and during the altercation. Gunfire rang out between coup veneration the grandfather, and his son were hit by bullets and underwent surgery. They're expected to survive. Now. Police, you're trying to figure out what triggered all of this. The fourteen year old boy who was underwater at Magnuson park for more than ten minutes Memorial Day has died. Ryan Payne is being mourned by classmates, and teachers at Kenmore middle school. This is his basketball coach David persons. I think you know, part of me wants to cry part of me wants to smile, part me and wants to get something part of me wants to throw something investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened coaches rally around his heartbroken. Mother with a go fund me fundraiser, the US. Nimitz has sailed back home to the naval shipyard in Bremerton at arrived yesterday, the Nimitz in its crew, or in the midst of their first at sea training since the carrier spent more than a year in dry, dock, for maintenance, the Nimitz last returned from deployment in December of twenty seventeen it was out of service until last week. The navy is now prepping the big aircraft carrier and its crew for its next mission after thirty five years in service, the US Pittsburgh has made its final port. Call the submarine arrived in Bremerton yesterday to be decommissioned recycled the entire process will take a couple of years..

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