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Hey, this Christmas, get your vice a toilet and a nice day. Hey. Get the rest. And then there was we three girls from shaker heights cooking up a DASA because say, the minces Jewish, Princess. She sits on her to like those. And gets into making cookies, and they make cookie of moisture Diane you only need one raisin for his eyes. So. And then there was little. Oh, tanenbaum. Oh, tanenbaum. What are you doing in a Christmas song? Where can people get their hands on these right? To your website or Email. You have to Email me, and it's twenty five dollars plus postage. Let me think what the other numbers might be in their thinking, thinking, thinking, oh, little town of Bethlehem. Altoona Scranton, too. I should not have open they kosher or in anytime like you and what goes on from them. Mixed time we have you and again, there's much more to cover boy. We'll, we'll make sure Gilbert doesn't duet with you of one of those Christmas. Yes, I'll send the album, an in-between time. I'm going to get on Google and Google cl- Carol, Wayne and who stopped her. Bangs. What would what would Irv ace about having to having Billy Barty play his double ganger? Doesn't have it here. Well, Irv eight villages used to get angry. I we heard at Tom Celik 'cause Tom cell he had the hit show. That's right. And he was jealous needs to go. Get some pussy he, I should be getting the money and pussy. One day. I'm standing there. When he's he's bitching about the fact that he's limited to playing this one role. I could play a king. I can play anything. I can play duck complete from fractional man. I could play Shakespeare and Ricardo says, we're holding you back. Let us release, you know, free. This other jobs. Oh, Ron that silenced him. God bless you. Hey, my pleasure to be with you again. Then when I get to New York, I'll take you out to dinner. Are you coming? I hope so I hope so. There's one day what we're going to do is just go through your IMDB credits show by show. And just see if you have an anecdote about each one of these because it's, it's, it's give it and I were talking before we got Sean. It's just it takes your breath away up by by the way. I just thought of something that is to me, very interesting. I bought an album, which was called Yiddish radio and in Yiddish radio, from the York, there was this story during the early days of aviation, a guy named Charlie LeVine decides we need gas stations for planes. They don't have them. He did it. He put on series of, of gas stations for little airports, and also some mechanics to provide, you know, treatment for planes like they were cars, and he decides that he's going to compete with Lindbergh to be the first one to fly the Atlantic solo he doesn't fly Levine's don't fly but he has a pilot. It's going to help him. And the pilot used to be a pilot along with another famous aerial acrobatic pilot named Chamberlain. So Charlie LeVine is ready to take off at the same time that Lindbergh taking off but he's such a pain in the ass. The title of walks away, so Vive. Vive dragon back on the plane. And finally, the truth is they do land. They cross the Atlantic after Lindbergh lands in Paris. They land in Berlin, but it's like an hour later. So it doesn't count. But yet is radio decided they had a celebrate this. So this was the song, you got to celebrate it a Jew AFL. You gotta do it. Was Levin Levin. You're the hero of your race Levin Levin. Your greatest Jewish ace, we had a thrill when Chamberlain flew but you are up there, too. We're proud of you LeVine Levin, just an ordinary name which you've given ever lasting fame. We welcome you home over the phone Levin midtown flying machine..

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