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To make a joke. 'cause it's going to be on the headline right. Yeah yeah well no just think what the praying mantis and the modern Hornet. Think brains brains. It's like night of the living dead seriously. You you understand when you see it. I know what happens when praying Mantis has made. And that's the way to go out. That's if you're GONNA go out that's the way you should go out happens during the process Yeah that's actually a reflex it's just what is up with insects. They're all insane. I and sure many are thinking that we are as well but Plump Pink things that we can just eat through with our mandible enough. I'll right now that we have jumped the tracks trying desperately to get back on track. Let's talk about some non insect a vod movies this Valla girl yes. This is a remake of the nineteen eighty three film with Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage. Did you ever see this? The original like it was nine hundred eighty three little wrong com from from the back in the day this is and relaxed and that coming from someone who does not like Rom coms were like a good rob i. I'm split on a lot of things. But here's the thing with this one. It's a a remake but it's also telling the story like the the. The mother is telling your daughter the story about when she was a teenager. So it still takes place in nineteen eighty three. And it's about this valley go from the San Fernando Valley and she's pretty and she's popular and she's rich and she meets a guy who's not from the other side of the tracks but the wrong side of the hills he was. He's a punk rocker from Hollywood and they kind of have this whirlwind romance but of course everybody is giving her grief about it from her family to her friends and the The that basically the story. It's even if we've seen this kind of thing before a dozen times. Not just because it's a remake But it also is a jukebox musical. So they have these Songs like we got the beat from the go go's and goes just WanNa have fun by Cyndi lauper and the cars and all these different bands from the eighties so it's a huge in astrologer fast and they do these song and big song and dance numbers with the music. And it's really Kinda cute and I gotta say you know. It's one of those. That's great diversion from all the nonsense going on today with murder. Hornets and Batman bear pig and giant praying mantis as the size.

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