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The only show that matters. I'm your host gorgeous, George with me, MS always is the devious dastardly goes are he's co host to my left. It's the fight analyst, Dan, Tom back east producing it's Gabby. Oh, I don't know if you'd remember Josh is kind of like Robin kinda hanging out on the side in case AMI demoted him, the Robb Weller. You know that that that man isn't do nothing Robin doesn't do Jack. Yeah. He does. He's getting kidnapped joker steals on his job at the time. But now he's gotten a couple of shots in old school, raw Batman and Robin. If there was the joker and six of his henchmen goons, I'd say Batman took out for and the joker Robin would contribute. The move was the double running to the wall. Didn't he run off the wall and do that? But the reason he would always do that is because he would always get caught from behind in a bear hug any had to kick. Someone like a kangaroo every single Pat was his best move. She's the captain he's the I mean, that's just the way it is. So ma'am, it's gonna be fun show. I'll tell you who we're going to have on. And then we're going to get to the hot news of the day. You all know which way we're headed with that one. But Henry Corrales Bela Tor featherweight will be joining us. He's coming off that win over PICO. We talked about it a lot yesterday. Ryan Bater who defeated fatal million Anco and Saint card on the main event will join us as well. Top of the top of the second sorry in the second hour, and then we have Joe Riggs and bec Rawlings both of them throwing down at the bare knuckle fighting championship four card out in Cancun this Saturday. So you recall, Chris Lytle was here recently. He's on that same card and both of them have. And may background. So it'll be good to catch up with them. See how they're doing right now. The big news, obviously is today the Nevada State Athletic commission. Was throwing down themselves. They were throwing some bombs. We all made our predictions of what we thought might go down. This is what went down. Habib number got made off has been ordered to pay a fine five hundred thousand Conor McGregor fifty thousand you know, they were still holding onto Habib's. Purse this whole time and Connor is not they didn't hold onto his right, right? Because. Shot the footage later on when he actually had thrown a punch, but I think Jon Morgan will join us in a few minutes because he was there. So he knows all the ins and outs. But I think what what Margaret Sanger said..

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