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His afro was too large. So his hat would come off his head. And it was a majestic televised. Baseball eighties effort. What year do you would you like us to go back to you? Like, he can you give it like eighty five eighty four that area. I remember when I was a little kid TBS is super stations. Where I went to watch the national wrestling alliance's NWF. This is what I was going to say, this is something that that the two things that drew us to cable television as sports fans might have been baseball and wrestling because I've told you that story a million times of the the Saturday. Wrestling matches were always terrible. It was always the star against you know, in the beige trunks from Opelicka wild Bill Schneider, and he'd punch in the stomach one time and then spend the rest of the match losing. It was all garbage. And then the USA network comes with wrestling and Kamal is running around the studio and Vince McMahon, the announcer is throwing it to commercial because Kamala chasing chicken, he's chasing, a chicken. And Vince McMahon is like this is crazy now keep in mind that you got in the giant wasn't from Uganda. We later learn. He was just an American, dude. Because wrestling traffics and racist stereotypes, but I was not a grown den. Then I was but a boy. And I'm watching and they go to commercial, and it's amazing when they come back to from commercial Kamala 's the the camera was very close to come on his face and in his mouth, clearly feathers. Clearly when they were on commercial Kamala. There's no other explanation for this eight alive chicken. And he started blowing feathers at the camera and this Ted Turner's responsible for so much of this. Happy birthday Ted Turner, this has been a heartfelt tribute today. You introduced us to cable television, introduced Claudio Washington. Gary Matthews in some ways, she introduced us to professional wrestling. We cannot thank you enough. So that is straight talk. It is brought to you by straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage and America's largest and most dependable four G LT networks weekend observations.

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