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Put your name and stuff on there and it'll drop down a list of people we recommend in mutual fund investing in your area we're not we're not in that business but the most people mutual fund business won't fool with thousand dollar account because they make like fifty bucks or something on it and that came pay their the postage build a male the stuff in hardly so most people won't fool with a little account like that but we require our people to take the small accounts like that in order to get is one of the things we require in order for us to be able to endorse them and so you know the smartvestor pros are people we endorse that are in the mutual fund business that do things the way we teach they take the small accounts and they have the heart of a teacher when you sit down with them not the heart of a salesman tj is with us in huntsville alabama high tj hi dave i'm calling because my husband is trying to figure out if we're making the right decision to refinance a car we are a debt free other than our car however we have worked really really hard to get to a position to buy a house currently we live in public housing and we have done all the smart thing to get ourselves in that position except do a stupid thing by buying a car we oh a little over fourteen and what's your household income twenty nine you need to sell the car well the thing is you need to sell the car.

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