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And Senator Warren Maura Healey's scored a decisive win over James McMahon in the race for attorney general and congressional reelections for Jim McGovern, Seth Moulton. Katherine Clark and Bill Keating on the ballot questions. It was a no on question. One on nurse staffing voters approved question. Two on campaign spending reform and a yes vote on question. Three protecting transgender people from discrimination voter turnout, very strong here in Massachusetts as well as across the country on Capitol Hill, Democrats will control the house of representatives. Come January while Republicans increase their margin in the Senate many races remain undecided. Here's ABC's Chuck Sivertsen. The only democratic pickup in the Senate, dean Heller concede. Is ABC news projects. Jackie Rosen wins in Nevada. ABC's? Alec stone in Arizona. Both Republican Martha mix Sally and democrat Kirstin cinema leaving their election night parties without knowing the results the race. So tight in Arizona with votes still not counted around Phoenix that a projection cannot be made the two have been neck and neck in the polls and the uncertainty continues democrat senators went down in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota Democrats flipped a few governorships, Kansas and Illinois, Chuck Sivertsen. ABC news. President Trump has scheduled a post-election news conference for eleven thirty this morning and WBZ radio will cover the president live and interesting election note, the late Dennis Hof ran the moonlite bunny ranch featured on HBO won the seat. He was running four and Nevada's thirty six assembly district Hoff was found dead last month after a weekend a party, celebrating his seventy second birthday, the Massachusetts. Governor's race was called. Quickly after the polls close as governor Baker won his second term to office. And while there was jubilation on the Baker side. There was disappointment with a Gonzales camp at the Fairmont Copley. And that's where we find WBZ Sheri small democratic candidate for governor Jay Gonzalez conceded the race to his Republican opponent. Governor Charlie Baker congratulating him and thanking Baker for his service. It's not easy. Putting yourself out there in a public way every single day. And anyone who does it deserves our respect and our thanks after thanking his supporters volunteers in staff, he left the crowd of several hundred with an uplifting message wake up tomorrow even more committed to fighting for the progressive policies and values this campaign represented and keep aiming high..

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