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Let's go to John in Foxborough mass, John you're on the fan. Hey, Tony how you doing? Good. Good good. You know, my thing is I've been watching the network all winter. And really there's nothing going on. And it dawned on me being a kid in the seventies and eighties. I remember when the California Angels put together that Jackson Douglas since eighteen in Fred Lynn, and it was like from November to the end of the samba. It was like free agency trade rages new trade. And now the dribs and drabs just like the game. Everything's got to be slow Machado. Get off your butt. Let's not talking about the game. Every player it seems. It's just all about themselves and the game. What is the baseball network for anymore? So they can do these. So they can show us Mr. baseball for like the unpainted Lillian time. No one the game. Should listen. My frustration the whole thing the ship. The Sloan is what is with the sport. Why is this sports doing this to themselves? They just everything the transaction should be by December. And we should be like you should be getting tickets the kids at Christmas going only child is gonna play for the Yankees against and thought, it's amazing. Isn't it? Tony how this game is just so slow clumsy and boring. Yeah. It's I don't know. If I go boring. But I know what you're saying is extremely they'd be better off showing Friday keys, and the natural every baseball movie that you get think of 'cause I mean, look they breaking down every team what they haven't done what they need to do. That is that's tedious. I'll is funny during the day. I'll go to MLB and see what's going on. Nothing. Okay. I'm done ACA. A couple of hours later or if I'm on my phone. I'd say baseball's websites and nothing's going on. I'm not going in. And it'll be that work done tablet. But it's I don't I wonder about the future of baseball because everything is so fast paced. Everything is. In the old days. If you heard about a story in sports on. Tuesday afternoon. You couldn't wait to by Wednesday's newspaper to see what was it? What's the what's the whole thing? You know, you look at newspapers. Now, it's a dying. But guy writes a piece on the on the web like. Three o'clock in the afternoon. You're like, oh, man. Yankees Robinson went to the Phillies, for instance. Oh, man reading, okay. Great nice to know when you buy a newspaper this the exact same story, the paper. We didn't I read this. All ready. Oh, yeah. We're just like twelve hours ago. Twelve hours ago. That's why we get so much information on your on your on your your phone these days. Let's go to Tommy and Bronx Tommy on the fan. Tony how you doing man? What's going on? I'm doing well you stole. My are you? Fred you said about the newspapers. I was just looking I was going through some stuff tonight. The newspapers has shrunk so much. I can't even believe it. I wonder talk about the the warriors and the rockets last night. Have you? Brought that up tonight. I haven't caught up. No, no, no, go ahead. Good. No. But did you see that? Kevin Durant play with with. He was out of bounds. I mean that that's like that's a CYO call. You can't. That's that's a that's a that's a that's a wreck call. You can't make that call. My question is to you is is now are those referees. Are they held what is the responsibility as far as are? They like are they reprimanded for that? I mean 'cause that is so blatantly like just how can you miss that? My understanding is they will review every every ref you know after a game and go over. I mean, maybe you don't get. I mean, I don't know how you change the assignments this year. But I think if you're making consistently bad calls, you're not going to be in the post, you won't be working postseason masters. One more question about James Hardie. Are you are you are you a part in San or now I like him I liked it. But I'm not putting them in. I'm not a big fan of his step back. But I was so happy last night that he that shop because he he if they would have lost the game onto the. Those circumstances. It was almost like he stuck it to the rest that missed the call. If you know what I mean? Yeah. Now, look, I I I like it. I sure I like him. I really is a super player. I am not put them in that that you know, greatest of all time category. Greatest of this era note, see when you want when you want. Put that tag on someone is the greatest of all time. You can be great and never win a World Series. Or will never win. An NBA championship will never win any kind of championship. Is this anything take away from Ernie banks greatness because he never played in one postseason game. Barkley played in a Charles Barkley played in one postseason. NBA filed. They didn't win same thing. With Alan Iverson doesn't take away from the greatness. But your greatness is enhanced by what you do in the postseason. Who knows maybe Ernie banks goes in five World Series because that's the way it was set up back then and maybe he hits hundred. Maybe his four hundred you never know. But doesn't take away our Grady was let's go to Ben in queens. Ben was happening more. Tony. I not wanted to subject on bring up. But since you brought up downhearted, his greatest or the greatest. I started laughing. My ass off guy has a nice as you put together a nice little run. But it's not like a Wilt Chamberlain or a Michael Jordan runner. He's not CLYDE. Not Dominique definitely not Jordan. I was even born for Chamberlain. But no, he's Karimun is crime use it magic. Listen, I know, I know you wanna have your voice back their GM. But keep in mind that if the ages social media, and you can look up and see all the videos of these old guys and harden. Let let them in a big shot in the conference final. Interesting about these guys, you know, people say what if Michael Jordan was playing today say well with the way the rules are probably average forty these guys playing today. I don't know if they play this well in in in the past because guys put elbow elbowing, you're back, and you're not you're not used to being touched at all somebody's sneezes that you you wanna call now. Hey, Tony have him go through with Jordan had to go to against the Celtics punishment parachute Maceio Jordan through and what he finally went. Okay. Hi, I got past. I owe the pistons are now on my way. Okay. I get past them to to. I'd have to go through both of those teams to become Jordan. Have to do that. No. And you know, what the good thing is they're playing well now because Chris Paul's out because Chris Paul always he was get hurt a week before the playoffs. So maybe maybe he's okay. But the now if you're playing really well without him. He comes back. I wonder if they if they keep the momentum going. Yeah. Goodwin by the Knicks tonight. You know, what it is? It's it's you don't want him to win. If you make San you wanted to be competitive you want a better pick. But at the same time I liked this growth here. I just hope they don't forget it. The next game. Yeah. They did some real good things in this fourth quarter. What defensive switching and preventing guys from getting easy walks. I see that every game. And they don't do that every day. And that's what I'm afraid of. They get blown out in the next game. You know? The defense should be a constant. You know, look, I this nice. You off your offense a click, and you can't put the ball side in the ocean. Okay, fine. But we're the defense go. What happened? You guys lazy today? Is that what it is? Yeah. Let me unbundle the football game small football games this weekend. I don't see the charges. Go. Beating the ravens now if this was in LA. You know, maybe I don't see that. I see Philly going into Chicago. I won't be on record saying is. I think the Philly is finding something what falls they could go into Chicago and beat them. The interesting game for me is going to be that Dallas Seattle one. How many ghosts? Dallas need to exercise. The Seattle ti-. Remember the last time they played them. Now, the teams that totally different. But still. Let something go wrong early. You may hear a cowboy fans really start grumbling and. I think the game the game of the weekend's going to be that Indy Houston game because that's okay. Indies Indies offense versus the Houston defense. Let's go because I think the Sean is going to get his points. Go to get get twenty one twenty four points. The question is can Texan pass rush? Get a lock of all the things I thought I'd be saying this year. I'm like, can I didn't think I would be wondering if they could get to walk. That's that's a new one on me. But that goes to show how much Indianapolis has improved that offense of wine Coney enjoy your weekend. And thank you for the time. All right man is that game Seahawks at at Dallas one call us at early would wanna see Mayweather fight to pack out. Just to see may get knocked out. We you know, we all wanna watch we all wanna watch the cowboy game because if they lose we want that shot at. Jerry Jones looking like death. Just never fails. Let's go Stewart in Brooklyn Stewart what's going on. Good morning, sir. Hey, yeah. The cowboy Cowboys team than the Seahawks and gentleman Jerry is not gonna look so sad. And I have a feeling that chance to go deep because of the defense not so much the offense and the office if they cooking they can do to. But oh, you know, Tony elect skipped any NBA. We're talking about guys from yesteryear and today. Well, they were smarter. They played more cohesive team ball today. It's all about Showtime something else. We talk about putting players in different eras. Why don't you take the rules from twenty years ago and play it today where you can touch the guy will you can put an elbow? Then. Then that would be different. Yeah. I don't even know how guys know how to do it. How to do it and the guys from from twenty years ago these guys alive? I mean, imagine you bring an Oscar and guys like that play in this area. Women you can't touch me. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I would say I'm not playing now. I do a triple double in the first half and go home. Yeah. That's right. And you know, hardness they say forty four points. I mean by that they can't touch. He can't defend guys. He can't defend guys. Like my old. Who else? Guys, like, guys like Mason, Oakley and guys. And the bulls they played tough. Cup defense. Pat Bali in the car in nineteen Ninety-one with Bob Costas for five days before said, Mr. Raleigh. Would you? Please don't take the job coach the next four days later on Friday signed a deal. When you ask them. I looked at me. And I said, I can't wait I said come on. And he didn't say anything because he was talking with Bob Costas picking championship series at that time. The bulls in the Lakers and me and Bob men. Pat, took the Lakers and took the bulls guys real quick Yankee point point is rob that spectacular last season. And I would bring back Zach Britton. But I heard they're going after auto. No, yeah. I mean, I think he's I think they might play one against the other if bars gets to carry away. But if I'm the Red Sox, I want to be looking at Britain's just saying eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six football baseball. We come back with the twenty twenty with Marco belletti..

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