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Is there to help you out things like lease agreements changing tax laws number quite nowhere there what direction they're heading legalzoom can help contract reviews all part of running your business but these are exactly the kinds of legal hurdles that take time and effort away from growing your business and growing your businesses the most important thing that's why lee zoom created their business legal plan with it you get legal advice for your business from vetted independent attorneys and tax professionals available in every state also receive access to nda's and more the best part is you won't get charged by the hour since legalzoom is not a law for instead you just pay one low upfront price check out legalzoom's business legal plan at legalzoom dot com now you'll get special savings when you enter promo code a in the referral box at checkout legalzoom were life meets legal that's legalzoom dot com and enter promo code aa for special savings and we thank legalzoom for their support of all about android and the twit network victor do not want you to not have your opportunities so it's time for the news jason can't live without his google play music but i can't live without android new nobody android news who can live without with without google android news alphabet and all the things we talk about on this show google so we miss this last week and then i did this week in google the day later and i was like how does not end up in the show because it's actually really interesting google plans well it's super interesting but it's not android specific though i do think it's interesting because of what we do and when we are but it's not really android but they make some comments to apps but jason jason jason is android did jason android ajay's not jason android adjacent google's plans to change his podcast strategy if you haven't read it by now pacific content has published a five part series the diets.

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