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Francisco senate majority leader mitch mcconnell met with nine eleven first responders today and promised to vote this summer on a bill to fund their healthcare for decades many who worked at ground zero now have cancer and other illnesses including former police detective liu alvarez alvarez could not make it to washington today but he was there in spirit We're going to leave here and Louis Alvarez. And in that meeting, we gave Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Louis out res- is bad. and we wanted the senate majority leader to be reminded of people like detective where we outrage exactly two weeks ago lou alvarez retired n._y._p._d. bomb squad detective joint john stewart to demand lawmakers passing new september eleventh compensation bill to help first responders alvarez who stage four cancer was linked to his work at ground zero was placed in hospice care last week i sat down with him at his bedside going forward when people say the name lou alvarez what do you want them to think of Guys that. The to get sick. The money is there. The help. They need is there. And I had a small part in helping to get that accomplished. The house is expected to vote on its version of a funding Bill next month. nights on newsradio ten eighty k._r._l._d. check your traffic and weather sorry i'm late i thought he left the garage open and had to drive all the way home again funny i left mine opened at a two but i got a text from my security system letting.

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