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Gosh. Little boy. We're nowhere. Beat. And we saw no forgot. We saw an oceanic sunfish. And a seal that was having some issues Dina deal ABC will perhaps blind a blind fishing trip of his life. Years. I take a little bit of fence that. He's as good as on the wall that he really liked it. I liked it seeing the oceanic fishes cool. It was like big, weird fish. They're like round within on top by and they kinda lay on their side or lay upright and cruise, the world's ocean feed on jellyfish. At the surface. I did not. Always wondered what they're doing. They're on the, they were like, yeah, that fish turn up in Hawaii. Yeah, that's amazing. He just rolling around man. They got hit by boats for sure. All the time. So that was cool. Saw seal the has serious problems like an amazing baby seal. Not quite totally. We the death, but maybe leaning in that direction. Eventually, he's, he was weird home. I've never seen a seal with barnacles on it like. Wasn't doing too good. He's just kind of rolling around anything else. Any other highlights? No, just good company always could travel huge as lots of fish, lots nice. Nice, clean, all fish. Yeah, rock fish, pretty handy. I felt bad a hell of a deal. I just like stay on comfortable staying around watching someone work. Yeah, I do too, too. That's an awkward situation. So he is clean and. With that night, if you. Those situations, they'd rather have you out of their way trying to help. So yeah, he'd rather, I think do the work and make extra cash. Yeah. Yeah. Trying to pay him thirty eight. Four. Forty four. Yeah. Yeah, there's one hundred percents anyways. They had a sign up to said, if you lost your odd, you got to pay for it. Which could hit me Jimmy door near paid for that one. Did we wrote troll and Sam on darns Bo on July third, he keeps the boat mood and Seattle and do, and he had bought his wife, his girlfriend, you're gonna marry her more than likely. I think you should. I've, I've met both of you. She's all right. Both of you should. She's very tolerant. For Christmas, he buys your fishing rod, which she doesn't want anyways. No. If barely, if there's any weather at all, she's just sick. He's like, you know, I really thought about thought about you and thinking about what you need, you know what I can bring to this and I bought his fishbowl. And we're quite fish and the my kids, there is a little bit chaotic for second any. He's working on a rod and lays the rod on the roof of the boat, moved out of the way, lead it on there on the net this he's trying to net king that we had on an all sudden rod. Into the drink don't. So he's like, get a jump in like, no. Did you till you lost it? Or did you? I actually meant. Has come up fishing, rod. Oh, it's fine. Strike John's at ever. I've been looking for the fishing rod. You purchased me for Christmas girlfriends are going to go on a trip next week. Yeah, but it's a sucky feeling to watch if few hundred bucks sink to the ball and you know that thing and never even been on down, it'd never been fished. I rigged it for the very first time that day because I was having additional people on the boat and it was just irony. It's the karma of it all because let's be straight. I was, you know, Christmas and I was a little jammed up. We've been together long enough to buy them presences become fairly problematic because we've already bought everything and and I saw the Fisher out unless she's gonna give shit..

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