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Don. Appreciate it. Real pleasure to have you back. Amy. I remember this story. I remember it was awful. It was a torchlight parade in two thousand six I'll start it there. And have you finish off with what we know? Now. Well, a twelve year old runaway was in Seattle. Mother and she was downtown on. What are the business nights in downtown Seattle looking for her mother asking people to help her locate her mother when and I'm quoting from court documents that have just been filed now when she asked an unknown man, if she could use his phone, well, the unknown man allegedly pulled her into an alley where he raped the twelve year old girl and DNA was collected that very day in two thousand six, but because of Washington state rape kit backlog, it wasn't tested until late last year more than twelve years later, and it was just matched to a registered sex offender named Robert Joe child junior and Amy do we know at this point how many other people this guy's raped wall? Olympia, just simply. Couldn't find six million dollars to process rape kits. Well, he's been living in Florida. And we do know that he has prior convictions for station and other things I don't know what if any criminal history, he has a Florida, but he's certainly had a criminal history before this two thousand six alleged rape. So you know, that's a that's a very good question. Taught enough one of the things that when I posted the story on my Facebook page and Twitter earlier today, the first thing that people start asking about so how many other victims could be out there. And you don't know because here's the thing about rape victims are very reluctant to report report those crimes because the process to have a rape kit. Taken is intrusive. It's it's embarrassing. Although there should be no shamed. Involved. The victims didn't do too cautious. But it's not an easy process and a lot of victims choose not to even do it. And then to have it sits in a in a sample for twelve years, not being tested. It's just really frustrating. I've spoken with a lot of victims. And a lot of people who are sexual assault advocates who are very frustrated that this is not something that the state of Washington apparently wants to prioritize in order to get the rape kit backlog address, this is kind of a left field question. But I'm curious when this guy the suspect Robert Joe child junior went his DNA identified as his would have been in the system, if it's only been in the systems for six years, and they had tested this rape kit twelve years ago, would they have missed it is your provision for re-testing rape kits occasionally if they don't come up with someone on the first time, they're they're tested that makes sense. I don't I don't really know what you're at. I think I think the system until the end of two thousand eighteen. Okay. When when the suspect in Florida when his DNA was tested somewhere identified as his and allowed for it to be matched to the this the sample click, so how did they seems like the timing? Yeah. Okay. Well, yeah. I mean, if this two thousand six case had been tested right away and entered into coda. A match could have been made instantaneously because prior convictions to this two thousand six. Yeah. Okay. The whole point of getting the backlog addressed is that then it can be instantaneous rather than wait around for twelve years. Some other states Felix when a child is raped. They test the DNA of the assailant and put it in a database. Okay. And and they make that a priority. Got it. Right. Amy. I assume that we might look forward to some details of this on a seven TV. Yeah. It's going to be on tonight at six o'clock. But here's something else that viewers and listeners. Okay, right now, there is a house Bill that's on its way through the state legislature to address the issue of the backlog to fund the testing the testing but to fund six million dollars. So that the crime lab in Vancouver can be re can be basically beefed up. These tests can be tested more quickly. I wanted to spare you hearing my rant on this. But I'm gonna I gotta tell you something. It is. It is garbage. That they couldn't find this money. I'll find it right now. Ready? You don't run four million stinking dollars on tunnel ads because I will guarantee you the tunnel. Got a billion dollars in free PR based earned media. I guarantee there's four million sound transit. You know, what I don't think that's a rant. I think that your daughter. I'm not done. Jay Inslee controls, the Washington State Department transportation reports exactly to him. He could say now guys more than four million dollars in ads. I need that four million for the rape kit. Backlog sound transit celebrated a late tenure late billion dollars over not yet finished project for a million dollar party. Now, I'm up to five million. We funded a one million dollar fund for illegal immigrants in our state. And I know that's controversial issue. Some people disagree with me on. I just got to six million. That was easy. I could go some other directions. I could go to travel. I could go to the fact that in our school districts, there are actual positions that are paid to take meetings. They're meeting intermediaries what they do is they go to Olympia. So the principals don't have to get on Skype in attend meetings. With folks in Olympia, they're paid to go to Olympia attend meetings, and then fly back to the district and go brief principles on what they did in the meeting. I've got another one for Utah to add to your rent. I am not saying it shouldn't be done because I do believe it should be done that is efforts to save orcas. But the the price tag is over one billion dollars with a B but rape kit testing I spoke with somebody today down in Olympia. It is that the state would need thirteen million to clear the backlog in the next two years thirteen million compared to one billion. There's got to be money somewhere to get this done. So that we can start reporting on the people pretension serial, rapists, what about potential murderers, we know that DNA connects people to heinous crimes every day as long as it's tested. But not if it's not any listen and Felix I mean, I- monopolized where did it fall down in terms of the Gregoire administration? Oh. Care start in kissed. How they how they let the back. It's hard to explain they can't make an issue of this. There's no lobbyists for rapists are from rape victims. So they don't have lobbyists. There's there's also an issue of there aren't enough technicians in the Washington state patrol crime labs in order to process it as quickly as it comes in. And so the rape the backlog builds and then in two thousand fourteen the state legislature said got this back lot backlogged. It needs to be addressed in a law was passed that it needed to be tested. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the technicians are available. That that there's enough of them to do it. And so there are a number of issues that need to be addressed in order for this to happen. But it can't be done because Ohio.

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