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Yeah nobody is our co host He is currently in prison cell. He's the one of six that is remaining in a prison cell. I had been held for a few months. He's now been held for more than four months behind bars for a completely set of nonviolent quote unquote crimes that he's has. He has a criminal history of other nonviolent quote unquote crime so he's never harmed another person but that's the excuse they're using hold him behind those bars and hopefully the judge in the case will will make the right decision actually let him out on bail but for now he's still there and so use your letters and if they're going to kidnap and torture us then the best thing we can do is to spread those free market principles. Because i know that's what he's doing back inside the jail that's true And he's doing an amazing job at that and that's part of his ministry with his church church of the invisible hand of which you are also A up is a pope just at the term interim pope herodotus well What are you if you're not the pope. When i'm not in the church of the visible hand what am i. When i'm not the pope. Yeah i have no idea. Is it like minister. Popat are Many master of before i became interim pope. I was a loose affiliate That may or may not be considered a member of the Congregation such is there a website for the church at this time. I know there's a newsletter that he's come out with and if you want to sign up for his newsletter you can email bonnie freetalklive dot com and she will get you connected with that last. I checked on it. The the the website is not accessible to us at this time. That's probably due to the fbi raid. Yeah exactly. I think he was probably running off of his home. Executor i in that case so The probably the newsletters. Your best bet. Bonnie of talk live dot com. Shoot an email. And she'll put you on the.

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